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Star cross love (episode 2)

The girl who abhi was admiring is our gorgeous pragya . they were looking into each others eyes intensely. They forgot about their surroundings.they came near each other as pulled by a connecting thread.ages passed between them in a electrifying moment.abhi came near and cupped her face.she fainted.the whole class who were busy in talking gathered some called her pragya n some as fuggi the word fuggi was playing in his mind . but now he wanted to save her it was the only thing he cared about.
he ran towards dispensary while carrying pragya in his arms he came out after nurse had ensured about her safety.abhi didn’t know why he attracted towards this new girl named pragya. He was in trauma he didn’t notice pragya coming towards him .she called him abhi . abhi turned. Pragya said well that is… Thank you . abhi moved towards her. He held her in his captivity.she began to breath heavily tears escaped from her eyes. Abhi said don’t ever cry in front of me.she nodded.she also didn’t know why she was attracted towards him. She wanted to be in his embrace

Precap:abhigya become friends and their masti


Do comment. Thank you for everyone who have commented. I am new here this is my first ff.I am same princess Maya di .thank you once again.

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