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ssk,yhm and kalash new beginning….after 7 years (Episode 4)

Hello friend, its samreen here.thanks for ur comments janani,audii.
I was thinking to add some new heros for the heroins after leap who will support them plzz give me suggestion and who will be that hero that also tell plzz bcoz I m totally confused
Episode: 4
Location: cliff
Ishita(to herself): raman today ur all problems will be solve. I am going away from u forever. Bye raman……..bye
(saying this she jumped in the river)
Scene: 2
Location: hospital
(abhishek takes ruhi to the hospital. After some time dr came outside after checking ruhi)
Abhishek: doctor is she fine
Dr: yeah she is fine u can take her home after she gets conscious
Abhishek: thanks dr
(abhishek was trying to call raman and whole family but somes phone where unreacheable some had kept on silent and some where not picking up)
(abhishek get a call)
Abhishek: what where ??? okay I m coming their
(ruhi get conscious. She was just calling ishima. Abhi came there)
(abhishek take ruhi to bhalla house)
Scene: 3
Location: bhalla house
(abhishek came there ruhi was coming from beside)
Raman: why u came here u and that ishita killed my daughter
Mihika: that’s good u came abhishek I want to inform u that ishu akka is not here u no where is she actually raman jiju scold her very badly
(ruhi came from behind. She listen all this)
Ruhi: what where is ishima??
(all were shocked to see ruhi. Raman runs to ruhi)
Ruhi: wait papa….first tell me where is ishima
Raman: beta she will come…. We thought u r dead so I think she went to spend some time alone she will come
Mrs bhalla: maata rani ka lakh lakh thank you that ruhi came home safely
Ruhi: dadi don’t thank u maata rani. Thanks ishima and abhishek uncle bcoz of them I m alive
(raman and whole family gets confused)
Simmi: what r u telling ruhi??
Ruhi: I m saying truth simmi bua
(abhishek was looking down)

Flashback shown
(ishita was tieing dhaaga on ruhi’s hand)
Ishita: ruhi beta this thread will protect u every time even if I will not their around u
(abhishek comes there)
Abhishek: what’s the plan ishita jii
Ishita: we will take ruhi with us but if we fail to get pihu than we will send ruhi but when niddhi will take ruhi we will follow her and ruhi u jumped from the car
Flashback ends


Ruhi: and as ishima told I done like that only before falling off to the cliff I jumped and faint that’s y u all not get me
Whole family: thanks abhishek
(raman was remincing the word which he told to ishita)
Precap: janki devi got her 3 daughter’s back and much more drama.


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