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Rishi is getting married to Mallika, Tanuja remembers her past life with Rishi-


In the upcoming episode it will be clear that Rishi has been frustrated with his life.
On the insisting of Rano, Rishi agrees to marry Mallika leaving his past life behind.
Whereas on the other hand we can see that Tanuja after hearing to some gun noises in her house remembers her past.
Tanuja just gets carried away with the gun noises and the past life juts flash backs in front of her eyes.
Tanuja remembers he being killed as she was on bike with someone.
Rishi stuck in between Mallika and Tanuja
In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Tanuja gets more flash backs to see which links her with her past.
Rishi on one end is seen coping with the marriage to be fixed with Mallika.
On the other end Tanuja slowly and gradaually remembers her past.

What will be Rishi’s choice-Mallika or Tanuja?

Jewan proposes Rani going on his knees, Rani still loves Raja

In the upcoming episode there will be high voltage drama in the serial as Jeewan will come to know that Rani is sad due to Raja.
Jeewan will be seen proposing Rani going down on his knees.
Rani will be seen shocked as she does not know what to reply to him as this has come as sudden shock to her.
Jeewan has this plan of eloping with Rani and her Dadu from the castle to Mumbai.
Jeewan is making full plans to settle in life with Rani by his side.
Rani is not able to tell him that she till now loves only one person and that is Raja.
Whom will Rani choose Jeewan or Raja?
In the upcoming episode Rani will be seen making a strong decision and going ahead in life.
Rani will be seen leaving Raja and promising him to go far off from him.
Raja however who loves Rani will not allow Rani to go away from him.
What will be Jeewan’s role in Raja and Rani’s tiff?
Whom will Rani choose good hearted Jeewan or bad revengeful Raja?

Suman engraves Shravan’s name in her mehendi-Aditya jealous of Shravan

In the upcoming episode there will a lot of jealousy seen on the part of Aditya.
Suman is seen writing Shravan’s name on her hands which comes into consideration of Aditya.
Aditya after enquiring the same comes to know that the person is Shravan.
Shravan is seen listening to the matter and looks proudly into Suman’s eyes.
This makes Aditya even more jealous and he is seen leaving Suman’s house.
Aditya to play evil to seperate Suman and Shravan
In the upcoming episode it will be seen that Aditya is seen jealous as Suman has given him signs that she loves Shravan.
Aditya will go red in anger and will try and make evil plans so as to seperate Suman and Shravan.
Will Suman and Shravan’s love stay true to the mark even after wicked plans?


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