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Special Best Friend.. epi 17

Hii huyss I’m back with another sweet vidha scenes… Thankss for loving ? my ff..

Here is the link for the pre episode::


Everyone get busy in Fresher’s day programs.. Viplav asks Dhaani which dance ? are u playing?? Dhaani says Khathak!! Raj, pankaj, viplav stare at her.. I’ve studied khathak.. U too guyss playing na.. Dance?? Yeah, some sort of dance.. Answers Viplav.. Pankaj looks at Viplav and says.. Hey, Dhaani y can’t u join in our dance too.. Dhaani nods… Viplav says maujha maujha song ? Dhaani nods.. Dhaani asks have u have any idea about the steps? Thy say no.. We are just gng to start only.. Dhaani says just go through YouTube na!! Cool idea sis!! Says Raj.. Raj opens YouTube via his mobile ? There is no good dance.. Only stupid steps.. But few steps are good.. Says Dhaani.. Viplav says lets mix those steps.. Dhaani says yeah.. Dhaani starts to put rhythms of her feet to the song ? Viplav stares at her.. Ishq ishq plays… Raj and Pankaj pushes Him.. And he joins Dhaani in putting steps for the dance ? Thy finish putting steps to the rhythms and Raj and Pankaj joins them and thy start learning the steps…

Next day all students bunk thr classes telling practice… Raj and pankaj went to canteen.. Dhaani is learning her solo dance.. Khathak and Viplav stares at her.. Dhaani moves her toes legs and takes a turn.. Viplav put the song ? I gt all the steps.. Viplav switch on the speakers ? Mohe rang do laal…
Viplav stare at hr.. Dhaani too stare at him.. She stops her dance ? and stare at viplav… Raj and pankaj comes laughing.. And says can we practice Dhaani… Is ur practice over.. Vidha comes to senses… Thy start practicing…

Days passed soo fastly tat final day of practice is today… Says Raj.. Pankaj,Viplav and Dhaani nods… Today we have to play in stage… Fingers? crossed says Dhaani… Next is a group dance by Vidha team… Announces the anchor… Vidha team which is that team..asks Pankaj.. To Raj and Vidha.. Raj says no idea… And thy look all around the auditorium.. A teacher comes and says to Viplav… Do NT have ears ? can’t u hear the announcement made.. R u nt gng?? Or u need a special announcement.. All look in a confused ? manner… Go ahead now.. Y r u looking to each other’s face… Go says teacher .. Vidha team.. Raj says.. Viplav-dhaani team…. Vi from Viplav and DHA from Dhaani.. Vidha.. Viplav and Dhaani looks in a surprising ? manner… Ya.. I remember yesterday thr was an announcement in order to make.. Anchoring attractive thy have given attracting names to all the teams.. And thy read out all the team names yesterday.. After u went… Viplav-Dhaani team is requested to come to stage… Put ur hands ? together ? for Vidha team… Says the anchor… Viplav,Dhaani,Raj and Pankaj runs… Thy dances.. Everyone appreciates thr dance…
Dhaani says next is my solo… After 5 dances na… Asks Viplav.. Dhaani nods.. Now its time for a solo dance… A khathak dance.. Viplav Raj and Pankaj.. Clap ? thr hands… Everyone in the auditorium clap…? Dhaani looks around the auditorium.. Viplav winks… Dhaani goes to the stage and dance…
Everyone give a big applause ? to Dhaani.. Says anchor.. Dhaani thinks this is Viplav’s sound.. And looks the guy holding the mike ? and sees it’s viplav who made that announcement.. Dhaani stares at Viplav.. Ishq ishq plays… Viplav is talking to the anchor guy while Dhaani stares at him… Dhaani says to herself.. Kya Hua hai mujhe..(wat happnd to me??)and smiles ? & leaves…

Raj pankaj Vidha are standing near thr respective cars ? ?
Soo tomorrow we have to burn the stage okay ? says Dhaani.. Everyone nods.. Thy leave..

Next day.. In the make up room…

Everyone is putting the makeup ? on thr face trying dress ? Viplav… Pankaj.. And Raj are wearing jeans ? and t-shirt ? Tanya and Piya comes to thr allotted room and asks r u nt changing ur dress… Tanya says wait is this ur dress?? Thy nods… Soo make up… WATT??? says the boys.. Girls wear make up… Boys are happy with thr natural beauty… Says Raj… Dhaani wearing a dark and light blue combination salwar enters in to the room and says r u not ready… Tanya says this their dress… Dhaani looks at Piya and Tanya… Girls nods… Thy make the boys sit on the chair ? and put make up ?… Anchor comes and says first ur group dance and second ur solo.. Okay na!! Dhaani nods.. After ur make up for ur solo is done… Come to back stage… Dhaani says em… Okay ? boys and girls put thr hands crossed and together shouts all the best… Vidha Raj and Pankaj.. Goes to back stage… While Piya and Tanya.. Leaves to the auditorium…

Anchor announces next is again a group dance led by Vidha team… Everyone welcomes them with a great applause ? curtain goes up… Speakers ? plays the song ? maujha song ? plays… Thy dances.. Curtain falls down… Vidha Raj and Pankaj.. Says yippee ? we did it.. Vidha hugs each other in excitement?ishq ishq plays.. Raj and Pankaj giggles… Vidha comes to senses by the sound of applause ? And shyly leaves from the stage… Dhaani says I have to now again change the dress.. Viplav says go and change.. A big applause ? is waiting for you… And leaves giving a killer smile ? to Dhaani… Raj says.. 1st lets change our costume and later leave to auditorium.. Boys go to green room while… Dhaani leaves to her allotted room.. Piya comes thr to help Dhaani in her make over ? Viplav is changing his shirt ? bt lost In Dhaani’s thought… Piya is hoping Dhaani in changing hr dress ? bt lost in Viplav’s hug… Ishq ishq instrumental ??? plays ? Pankaj asks Viplav whr r u lost?? Piya asks Di,kahaan kho gayi hoo?? Screen divides into 2 one side Viplav.. Other side Dhaani… Thy both shyly nods… Dhaani wears a pink and white combination laacha… For her solo dance ? and leaves to the back stage… Viplav changes the dress… Wishes Dhaani good luck and leaves to the auditorium… Dhaani moves to the anchor… Anchor sees her and says after this it’s ur… Is that okay ? Dhaani nods…

Now put ur hands together for a solo khathak dance by none other than Dhaani… Curtain goes up..
Mohe rang do laal
Mohe rang do laal
Nand ke laal laal
Chhedo nahi bas rang do laal
Mohe rang do laal

Dekhu dekhu tujhko main hoke nihaal
Dekhu dekhu tujhko main hoke nihaal
Chhu lo kora mora kaanch sa tann
Nain bhar kya rahe nihaar

Mohe rang do laal
Nand ke laal laal
Chhedo naahi bas rang do laal
Mohe rang do laal

Dhaani is Dancing.. Viplav is watching the dance from the back of the auditorium.. He moves towards the stage jumps on the stage… Dhaani looks at Viplav.. Viplav moves towards Dhaani… And put his hands across her hands..

Marodi kalaai mori
Marodi kalaai mori
Haan kalaai mori
Haan kalaai marodi.. kalaai mori
Churri chatkai ittrai
Toh chori se garwa lagai

Hari ye chunariya
Jo jhatke se chheeni (x2)

Main toh rangi hari hari ke rang
Laaj se gulaabi gaal

Raj pushes Viplav… He comes to know that it was his dream.. And leaves the hall with a shy smile ? Raj and Pankaj looks at Viplav..

Hope u loved all the Vidha scenes.. Hope the mohe rang do laal of our vidha came to ur mind… While reading this epi.. Hws vidha team.. Loved uh????

Keep loving ?
Be happy..
And keep writing cmnts..? because all cmnts are welcomed ?

I’m crazy!! I’M sweet!!I’M lovely ?

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