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Soulmates Chap-3

Hey guys I’m back so lets get into the story

The scene shifts to rabul and ishveer. Both of them are in the same standard so it there economics class
Ishbul sit together and purveer to but they are far apart. the professor comes in
P:hello students my name is abhinav. I don’t want any kind of distractions in the class so sit back relax and listen carefully
The class begins. Everybody is listening to the prof except for our bulbul who is getting extremely bored.
B:hey ishu aren’t u bored
Ishanni who was also trying to concentrate although she felt bored did’nt answer
Same was the case with the boys
Rv:hey purab ain’t u bored
Purab didn’t answer.Ranveer then sent a gaze around the class and saw ishaani he was lost in her beauty
He decided to attract her attention but how. He then rolled a paper ball a threw it at ishaani but it hit bulbul . rv gave an oops reaction and quickly started to read while bulbul took the paper and looked around a saw purab trying to look at her secretly and smirks.
Bulbul to herself so he did it urrrrh I won’t leave him
Bulbul then decides to throw it back to purab but agai it hits rv she quickly makes herself busy in work
Rv who is jerked by the paper ball looks and sees towards ishaani who ooks at him and smiles innocently
He thinks: ohho lagta hai ladki phass gai kyunkai hasse toh phase


Scene shifts to our abhigya who are working in a pair. Pragya has all her concentration towards the experiment while abhi is admiring her
The bell rings and the class ends . all leave
A: so lets go to the café
They both go.
A:so miss Mehta what do u prefer to eat
P: anything
A:so I”ll be back
Riya and her gang walk towards Pragya
R:hey kitabi kira what are u doing with such a handsome boy huuh. So sad he got stuck with this and leaves
All laugh and Pragya feels sad she goes from there having tears
Abhi who is about to come sees Pragya leaving
A:hey prags I got us some……..and sees her leaving
A:yeh kahan ja rahi hai

Episode ends
Thank u all for your support

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