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Soulmates Chap-2

Hey amigos welcome back happy friendship day
I was overwhelmed by the response. Thank you everyone
Durga an ammu we can surely be friends
Ok without further ado lets get into the story

Well I am going to make some new entries and also from meri aashiqui tumse hi
Purab: Abhi ’s best friend brother like has a crush on bulbul
Bulbul Mehta: Pragya ’ s younger sis . more confident and bold will help her sister to get bold in the future
Ranveer prem Mehra: Abhi ’s brother charming boy . flirts with every girl until he meets ishaani
Ishaani Mehta : Pragya ‘s older sister. She is although very sporty but is also good in studies she is still looking for her prince charming
The episode begins with
Pragya waking up and doing her usual morning prayers then she moved toward the room beside her ‘s
The room was pink on one side and blue from the other. Two beds with their respective sidetables were placed parallel to each other in the room
One side was full of posters of games and actors while the other was filled with beautiful paintings and sketches of her sisters
Pragya switched the lights on
P: hey dreamers get up, she shouted

Suddenly two girl jerked up from their beds and looked at her . one with a smile while the other a little sadly
G1: di not now
G2: yeah di I was having such a great dream
P:well ishu and manu(Nickname) come on get up or then u’ll say we got late on our first day
(yes it is none other than our bulbul and ishani)
I:oh yes di I am leaving for a bath
Bulbul who still sat in bed started rubbing her eyes and yawned
After a while all of them got ready
Scene shifts to another room where two boy enter the house after jogging. Abhi is doing weight lifting (u can imagine)
B1:hey bhai so lets get ready
B2:yeah I don’t want to be late
A: okay purab first go get dressed up don’t tell me U’re going in your sweats to college
Purab who was irked left to get ready
A: and rv get ready soon at the same time and saw each ot
Both of the groups the boy and the girlsreached college soon at the same time and saw each other
All were lost in each others eyes when they were called by the guard
G:are you just going to stand there or come
All felt embarrassed and went in the greeted each other
A:hey chashmish
P:hey stud boy oh sorry rockstar
A:and who are they?
P:the y are my sisters this is bulbul aka manu and this is ishaani
B&I: hello abhi nice to meet u
P:well who are they
A:they are my bro meet ranveer and purab
Purveer shaked their hands with ishbul

Even after 5 mins they didn’t leave each others hands . abhigya who were looking at this snapped their finger and they all came back to their senses
A:Shall we
All of them is chorus:sure
So the first class for abhigya was of chemistry
They headed towards the lab
They got seated
Prof: my name is eric and I am your chemistry prof and for today we are going to the a simple experiment so please take your seat
All took their seats
Pr: so now the first and very important rule always wear gloves so go get em
All student got their gloves. Only one pai was left. Two hand came forward and the y were hand in hand . they both looked upand it was abhi and Pragya. They had an eyelock
P:these are mine
A: no mine
P:okay u can have them
A: no u can
And suddenly the prof shouted :u can work in a pair okay
Both smiled to themselves……

So guys I end my episode here I am updating at 9 so don’t know till when will it be posted
So guys I’ll see u next time
Until then Adios, bye

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