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So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 21

Hellooo lovely ppl
See this is the reason why I was saying to end up the ff….I m again late
I m sooo sorry dear ff writers for not commenting on few ffs…but I tried my best to read them all
So without wasting anymore time…let’s start the episode






Its been 2 days after their unofficial date
Everything is just the same like earlier but their was something hidden….a new rage, a new feeling, a new bond emerged
Their were many secret test taken by both of them….a way to excel each other….a way to know eo even better
Many a times Sidhant gave hints to Jasmine but Jasmine…she was still unsure with her feelings…can say that she had a fear to loose him

Its been since long that Sidmin didn’t meet….Sidhant wasn’t present in the morning lectures even in afternoon he was no where seen in the canteen…Jasmine was restless throughout the day
She tried calling him but all the time it would end up as the call was busy…she even texted him but he didn’t even bothered to reply her
At first she had a feeling of been betrayed….several negative thoughts were flying in her mind
She was roaming in her room when suddenly her eyes feel on the terrace next building which belonged to the boys hostel
She found Sidhant sitting on the railing of the terrace….it was at a slight distance so wasn’t clearly visible….she decided to talk to him


Here Sidhant was attending a call
On call
S : Please sort this all…its high time now…ok I will talk to u later…
Jasmine was standing behind him listening his talks with a confused look
She was somewhere doubting Sidhant
Sidhant kept the phone…suddenly he saw twinkle standing behind
Their was complete silence…Sidhant again faced this back n was sitting on the railing
He patted the side next to him indicating her to sit beside him
She without saying anything sat beside him
S : (sarcastically) R u spying me??
Hearing this Jasmine gave a what the hell type of look…but then smiled
J : R u cheating on me??
Sidhant didn’t say anything instead just left out a soft laughter
S : N r u doubting me now??
He says arching his eye brows
J : (irritated) Sidhant just cut the crap…n stop this question hour okay..
S : Hmmm…
Again their was complete silence
J : umm…may I know with whom u were speaking
S : Ohhooo…jealous huh??…but why would u be jealous becoz we r not dating each other right??
Jasmine didn’t had anything to say
S : well u asked me soo…I was talking to my younger brother…umm…some family issues
J : is everything okay

She asked with concern
S : Yup nothing much…just a small fight like every normal family has
J : R u okay??
S : yes…but just worried about them…u know my papa loves mummy a lot n as its said that jaha pyaar hota h waha takrar bhi (where their is love…fight to exists) …but this time they had a big one
He says disappointed playing with his fingers
J : just relax Sidhant…dont stress yourself…okay to lighten up ur mood let’s play a game
S : Jasmine dont be childish….I m in no mood to play now so please…
J : uffoo Sidhant…u r stubborn as hell…

Something strikes in Sidhants mind n he gave a cheezy smirk
S : okay…but I will decide the game
She nodded her head in agreement
S : so I will say a word n the first thing which strikes in ur mind u have to say…okay??
J : she sensed something but didn’t say anything n just nodded
S : so… Family
J : Life
S : that’s good…now…Money
J : Lust
S : Apple cheese cake
J : Sweet (she makes a disgusted face as he hate sweet)
S : Sidhant

Jasmine waited for a second but then replied
J : Best Friend
He was dissapointed with her reply as he was expecting something more
Jasmine smiled looking his face but then hid it
They talked for a while n now they started to leave
Suddenly Jasmine stopped him holding his elbow
She slowly raised her heels n started moving towards his face
(Raabta plays ??)
Now they are very close to each other
It seems like he forgot to breath.
She then moved near his ears
J : (whispered) Breath out
He nervously left out the breath on which she giggled silently
J : (whispered) Zindagi na mile gi dobara maine bhi dekhi h so try something new
(I have also seen Zindagi na mile gi dobara)
*Zindagi na mile gi dobara: is a Bollywood film
N saying this she started laughing holding her stomach
Sidhant came out of her magic n started admiring her smile
S : (faking anger) Now its too much okay…shut up now
Jasmine put finger on her lips but was still laughing
J : ok…ok…sorry…now come let’s go…

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NEXT UPDATE : Jasmine ke funday??

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So how was it??
N guys I was having a request…if possible can u all please listen
Charlie Puth’s ‘ We dont talk anymore’
It would be good if u hear the song so that u can relate the coming episodes
Thank h so much for ur support till now
N guys someone’s birthday is on its way…??
Keep guessing.?…she is one of the best ff writers on tei page…n one of my good friend
N as a gift for her I will give my next episode Tomorrow
Love u all❤❤

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