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So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 19

Hellooo lovely ppl
See finally I m back
Missed me??….aab dil rakhne ke liye Haa mat bolna….jk
Thank u all for ur support
N here is my next episode
As some of u wanted present n last together so I have decided to show a bit if present in ever 3-4 episodes so that u dont forget it

Here is a short summary if u didn’t remember the track

After the reality it was revealed that it was a movie which was staring Sidhant Gupta n Jasmine Bhasin
Even being co actors they had fights n arguments between them
Later it was revealed that they were college lovers n had an incomplete story
Jasmine saw Sidhant on road fully drunk n so she drove him to his house ….
So we left the present at midnight where Sidhant is in his room
N then we started the past where Sidmin became friends….n now their was an announcement for the fresher’s party….n couples was the theme….sidhant asked Jasmine to accompany him….she replies that first he has to make him feel special then she will decide…

We ended it here
So let’s start with the next part




Its early morning…the sun is shining with full rage…but in a corner of this vast land lies a calm peaceful place
It was Sidhants room….he was still on his bed taking a support of the wall behind n smiling endlessly…the flashbacks were sliding in his thoughts cherishing his moments with her….the golden years of his life

*Knock Knock*

S : Door is open
The door slightly opened n yes it was Jasmine….she got in still standing near the door frame
S : (camly) U need something??
J : Yes…actually its morning now so I need to leave
S : come sit here
Sidhant pats on the sofa next to him
She didn’t uttered a word n silently made her seat next to him
S : Do u remember this dairy
He says removing it from the side drawer
Jasmine was amazed to see it n that too with him
J : You still have it?? (Surprised)
S : ummm…yeah but…
J : (interrupting) but doesn’t matters now
She says harshly snatching the dairy
Sidhant was hurt due to her rude response
J : Please come back in ur arrogance….its very difficult to digest this calm ‘The Sidhant Gupta’
She says giving him a taunt
He somehow managed to gulp in her words becoz they were painful
S : for Gods sake can we just talk normally
J : We ave nothing to talk now….u finished everything hat y itself
She says with tears at the rim of her eyelids
He was sad
S : U still write those ‘Breakup Quotes’ (trying to change the topic)
Hearing this she left out a soft giggle n nodded her head in negation
J : I dont get time…
S : (surprised) but u liked it right??
J : that was just a past habit….like once u were
Their was complete silence in the room
J : I think I should leave now
She says standing
Sidhant suddenly held her wrist
S : Cant we become one again??
Asked Sidhant hopefully
She left out a faint sarcastic laugh n directly looked into his eyes which earlier she was preventing
J : Sometimes its better to stay away….becoz relations are very difficult to handle….a ting of ego can destroy it…I think our relation had the same right??

Hearing this he left her hand …the guilt in his eyes were clearly visible
She stood at the door
J : And yes we have a day off today….n from tomorrow we r going together for the promotions
Saying this She left without listening his answer

Sidhant thinks, “Its all becoz of me, U deserve it Sidhant…u deserve it”


Here Sidhant and Jasmine are sitting in canteen
S : Umm…Jasmine…will u come with me to the city outside the college campus
She was munching some crisps….but then stopped….a grin captured her lips
J : Omg Sid…if this was a proposal for date then I must say it was the worst proposal
S : (defending himself) no it wasn’t….u just wanted me to make u feel special so that we can go together for the fresher’s party….(acting)…but it’s okay if u dont want then I won’t force u….I will take Avika…she is hot enough
He says with a cheezy smile
Jasmine was having a fork placed next to her plate….she grabbed it and pointed towards him
J : U bl**dy cheapo….dont u dare to to do this….or else….
S : or else…..(teasing)
She narrowed her eyes
J : Nothing..
She started leaving in anger
Sidhant held her arms n made her sit again
S : Manna to padega….tumhe bhi kuch kuch hota h (whispers)
(U have to accept that u have some feelings)
The intensity in his voice made her cheeks turn crimson
Sidhant smiled looking her gestures
They sat their for some time when suddenly Jasmines bag fell making all her books n stuffs scattered
J : Ohh God!
She started picking up accompanied by Sidhant
S : what is this??
Says sidhant picking up small dairy
Jasmine tried to snatch it but he prevented her from taking it
J : Sidhant I m warning u….just give it back
Sidhant stood up.n ran upstairs followed by Jasmine
He started reading the book still running

Sidhant stopped on reading it….meanwhile Jasmine snatched her dairy
Sidhant was looking at her in shock
Jasmine noticed it
J : You know what… U r very Cruel
S : Are u serious??….u write such saddy breakup kind of quotes
J : Well yeah….but why r u so surprised??
S : it doesn’t suits ur personality….I mean to say that….u r bold kind person n such emotional things doesn’t go with u…..koi serious breakup hua h kya ki tu devdas ban gaye( u had any serious breakup or what…that u became Devdas)
This was a tease
J : U…I won’t leave u today
She started running on the stairs behind him
Atlast both were exhausted so both sat on the stairs
Jasmine rested her head on his shoulder still breathing heavily
J : I just like to write it….its nothing like that ki I had any breakup n all….I just find couples now a days uncommitted to their promises so it pen down my thoughts in this dairy…I m very particular about my relations…

J : Kyu….tum daar gaye the kya ki mera koi boyfriend to nahi ( Why…did u got scares that I have a bf)
She says teasing him
S : Aapne khayali pullav pakana band karo. (Stop ur day dreaming)
J : (giggles) Ya ya Whatever
They both went to their respective hostel rooms


Jasmine got a message from Sidhant
• Message :- Be ready tomorrow at 11….near the cafeteria…after all I have to impress Jasmine Bhasin…I promise it will be a memorable day for u…n ya no excuses as tomorrow is Sunday..
Will be waiting for u?

Jasmine smiled at it n replied him OK

• • • • • • • • • •


• • • • • • • • • • •

So how was it??
Guys u know I have 3-4 pages remaining to read the ffs….I literally created a record of not visiting TU for probably 2 days??…its just like miracle
N one more thing…I m not too late …I tried posting since yesterday morning but it wasn’t getting uploaded..n thanks a lot TU for quick response
Anyways if u liked it then make sure that u share ur views
Love u all❤❤

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