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So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 18





The episode starts with


J : Okay…so now as we r friends…so new friendship ke naam par ek game to banti h (So on the name of our new friendship let’s raise a toast with a basketball game)

She says smiling
S : Nope…I m in not mood to play now…we will do it later
J : C’mon dont be a spoil sport…Get up…Move ur butt
She says dragging him in with the ball

N now the game begin

Jasmine is dribbling the ball trying her best to escape from his trap but he blocked her way raising her difficulty to give a throw…
In no time as she was struggling he took this as an opportunity n snatched the ball giving a throw n yes earning a point

J : WTF!!
She exclaimed in disappointment
He gave a victorious grin

S : Better luck next time babes
Saying this he passed a flying kiss?….dropping her jaws?
The game started again…one after the other Sidhant was increasing his points
This was too much for Jasmine
Now the ball was in Sidhants hand n he was dribbling it giving her a grin of victory
Suddenly she stood erect n moved infront of him leaving him blogged
She moved her fingers on his right cheeks raising his amazement
Still the ball is dribbling n is in Sidhants hand

S : What r u trying to…
J : (placing her fingers on his lips) Shh… (Ishq wala love plays in the BG)

Her every touch was raising his hormones…after all he was a guy
He closed his eyes to feel the touch
Few minutes passed when suddenly

J : Yesss I did it
Yelled Jasmine gaining a point
Yet again Sidhant was trapped in her plan…

S : That was not a fair move
He says arms folded standing infront of her with a frown
She left out a small giggle

J : Its just a start…aage aage dekho hota h kya (now u just wait n watch)
She says boldly…n gave a peck on his cheeks
N turned around to leave

S : Hey…just dont do that
Reacted Sidhant on her Kiss
J : Why it even matters
Said Jasmine teasing
S : It creates problem…like…
He started searching words for clarification
Jasmine laughed nodding her head in disagreement
J : Be a man Sid…just say na that my every touch makes ur hormones dance on Disco Dewanee
This made Sidhant smile
J : Catch u later…I have a class right now
S : ummm…which field??
He questioned hesitantly
J : Now please dont tell me that u haven’t noticed me in ur class….Mechanical first year
S : (happy) Thats great…
He said controlling his excitement

They both quickly changed their sweaty attire n got themselves into the formal wear as per the college dress code
Sidhant wore a black shirt with faded denims
N Jasmine wore a long straight cut maroon kurti with floral print palazo

They both reached the classroom
Jasmine sat with her new friend Navya n Riya
The girls we in minority as it was Mechanical…its the sane scene throughout the country as its not a their first choice

Sidhant sat behind her…the whole leactuer he was admiring her beauty…her straight forwardness…n most importantly her boldness

At the end of the lecture the Prof announced
P : So the first year students we have an announcement for u all….as we all know that the academic year has started…so the college have arranged a Fresher’s Party

This lighten the face of the pupils …all engaged themselves in plannings

P : N the theme this year is Halloween night…

On hearing this the crowd together yelled ‘WHAT THE F!!”
“Thats not fair” says Dhruv annoyed
The chaos in was room was increasing

P : Hold on students…
Says prof smiling
P : Just kidding….the theme is Couple Party…yayay for the first time the college has arranged such freashers eve…so enjoy…n yes if u dont have any partner…then u can take ur so called brother for the entry
N he winked
The prof was a in his mid thirties…probably the youngest among the other
He left the class leaving a happy crowd behind
“Wow so much fun na” exclaimed Riya in excitement
On.which Jasmine faked a smile
Sidhant was happy n nervous too as a biggest task infront of him was.to ask permission from jasmine for the Night…



Jasmine was standing when Sidhant came n gave a pat on her shoulder
S : Hey
J : Hi…but I think we were in the same class so this greetings….
S : Vo actually…umm…actually
J : Kuch kaam h kya…kuch puchna h kya
(Do u have some work….u want to ask something)
She.says teasing him
S : Yes..I mean no….I mean yes
J : Fattu kahi ke…ladki to convince karne me kitna darte.ho….seedhe seedhe bolo na ki tujhe mujhe party me Lee Jana h as ur partner
(So Dumb…u fear to convince a girl…can’t u.ask.directly that u want me to join u for the party as ur partner)

Sidhant arched his eye brow
S : It means u r coming (excited)
J : (in attitude) I didn’t say yes
She says playing with her fingers
J : U have to please me…make me feel special…then..
S : (interrupting) Then u will come (seeing her with hope)
J : Then I will think
Sidhant pouts n she smiles looking at his face

• • • • • • • • •


• • • • • • • • •

Hellooo lovely ppl
So how was the episode??
R u liking the track??



NOTE:- (Please do check it)

Friends its been 5 months since I m writing on TU
When I ended my first season of So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb on a sudden note becoz of my studies I as missing u all like hell….seriously
So I started my second ff I Love The Way U Lie….in that too u all gave ur lovely support
I thought that I will manage my studies n writing n to some extend I did it
But I knew soon I have to end it
N I think u all r not liking the ff….
I thought of saying this earlier but that was too early to say but I feel now its the right time
U all might be wondering that why am I posting it regularly now a days …its becoz I will be posting my last episode of the ff on 31 August…n I dont want to run fast in my story so I m giving up all in this story as it would be my last ff
Just support me for 15 days….or can say bear me
Guys I m not good in expressing my feelings so please understand
N I won’t leave TU n promise to comment on all ur superb ffs
N thanks a lot for ur support on all my journey so far
I dont exactly know how much episodes more to go but will try my best to entertain u all this 15 days
Love u all❤❤

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