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So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 17

Hellooo local ppl
I m back as promised
N my previous episode was short as i wanted a continuation in my thoughts…
So the episode is a bit lengthy than my normal episodes
N laddoo if u r reading…can u please give the links of ur ff as I searched it but I didnt remember the title…sholly?
N chiku no dear I haven’t experienced such talks ???
So let’s start







All three boys r lying on the floor in a very shabby way…one lying on other
the Sun rays falling on their faces made Sidhant to wake up
He rubbed his eyes n moved his fingers from his hairs yawning
Suddenly his eyes popped out as he saw their condition n the sheet of numbers which was right next to him
He tried to remember his yesterdays act
He was ashamed of his doings n cursed himself for the cheapness he showed yesterday
He got up checking his phone where their was number on his speed dial…it was her number he thought …to know her name he searched it on true caller n found her name to be Jasmine Bhasine

“Kaash yeh true caller wale uske gusse ka level bhi bata dete….if I would face her now then she will thrash me up” Sidhant thought
(What if This true caller could show her anger level …I know she will thrash me up at the time I face her)

He gave a punch to his friends lying next to him with his leg with made them awake
It was still 6:30 but they have to reach cafeteria by 7 so that not so early
He was standing at the edge of the terrace enjoying the soothing environment infront of him….IIT Bombay is also know for its scenic beauty….n Sidhant could very well accept the fact
After few minutes he got in his room….freshen up n reached the cafeteria


Sidhant n his friends were sitting on the table munching their bread…He was still fighting with his thoughts
Suddenly he heard a sound on the speaker

Sidhant – Hello
Voice – May I know who’s this
Sidhant – Log pyaar se mujhe aashiq bulate h tumahara (Ppl call me ur lover)
Voice – Listen Mr…
Sidhant – Sidhant…naam to suna he hoga…..

N the whole conversation of yesterday was displayed infront of everyone

Sidhant as drinking his coffee when on hearing this it chocked making him cough
He started rubbing his chest but didnt dared to look up in embarrassment
He could sense several pair of eyes staring him…but he can’t help it as he was the one at fault

“Sid iss ladki ne to tujhe phasa diya” says Dhruv consoling him
(Sid this girl trapped u)

Sidhant was embarrassed n guilty but knowing the fact that he was trapped n was insulted made him angry
Jasmine was standing near the speaker smiling
The whole cafeteria was filled with giggles…comments…n innumerable stares
Jasmine wasn’t knowing Sidhant from his face as they were still new but due to the reactions of the students she understood

This was enough for Sidhant.. He dashed the chair getting up n picked his bag heading towards the exit
On the way he stopped n gave an angry glare to Jasmine who was standing with a smile n her arms folded with attitude

His glare was saying many things but he broke it n again started moving
“Ooo Hero” yelled Jasmine making him stop
She moved n stood next to him
“Aagli baar aasa kuch karne se pehle 100 baar sochna….is baar tumne galat ladki se panga liya h….better luck next time” she says with attitude
(Next time before doing such things just think 100 times…this time u challenged a wrong girl…better luck next time)
Sidhant didnt utter a word n left the place in anger


Here sidhant is dribbling the ball with full rage…the sweat on his body n the intensity in his eyes showed the rage in him
He threw the ball in the basket but it missed…this was making him even more angry
He again started doing the same…n yet again missed
At last he gave a hard throw on the ground n went n sat on the chair nearby picking up his bottle


How can she do this??
bl**dy Asshole!!…Sid mind ur words becoz u were the one who messed up everything
But her plan was rude….can’t she finish it off personally….I would have done anything n would have accepted her punishment too….but she just insulted me in public
Its better if I maintain distance from her
Dont even dare to think that I m afraid….It was my mistake n that too it was triggered on a girl so I won’t do anything


He threw the bottle in his hand…which landed infront if a leg…
The person picked it n forwarded it to him
Sidhant looked up n saw a well curved figure with a sports attire
The top made her belly visible…the trousers were till her thing exposing much of her leg n her hairs tied in a high pony…he looked at her face n it was Jasmine
On seeing her he rolled his eyes
She sat next to him

S : What do u want now?? (Rudely)
J : Awww mera aashiq aapne chameli se gussa ho gaya (she says dramatically)
(Awww my lover is miffed with his Chameli (Jasmine)
S : Just shut up
J : N u just get over it
Sidhant looked at her confused
J : Just forget everything n start afresh…u know I have a bad habit of taking a stand for myself…but I m not so rude to not notice the guilt in ur eyes….I understand This new college n freedom gets over our head….ummm…if u dont mind can we have a basket ball match
She says in a friendly way

S : (without making any eye contact) I dont play with strangers….n sorry for my act
Jasmine pouts like a baby
J : please just cut the crap n stop behaving like this….n I m sorry too for making ur fun
N she left out a soft giggle
Sidhant narrowed his eyes
S : Do u think this is funny??
She pursed her lips to control the laughter n nodded in no
J : So friends (forwarding her hand)
Her eyes gazing him with hope
Sidhant looked at her hand n then her face…she was making a cute face
He smiled
S : Friends….he shakes her hand agreeing

(Raabta plays in the background??)

• • • • • • • •

NEXT UPDATE : Sidmin basketball match….n the glimpse of FRESHERS PARTY

• • • • • • • •

So how was it??
Do give ur views
N guys its my first try to give such college environment so do give ur suggestions so that I can improve

Love u all❤❤

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