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So A Lion Fell In Love With The Lamb (Season 2) Episode 11






Days are flying at a great pace but still nothing is changed between kunj n twinkle

Twinkle shows the same happiness but deep in her heart she is completely broken…loosing that special prism ball was not acceptable to her but its obvious as all her memories were connected with it
She shows that she lives in present but her mind always stays in past…he dark past

N here kunj is disappeared….yes he is…he didnt attend any college lectures…hardly seen in his house

Twinkle felt it strange….many times she thought of visiting his place or calling him but then thought of giving him his space….an unusual feeling was surrounding her regarding kunj but she the ignored them all n

One fine day

Twinkle is feeling restless….she has never felt like this….

What is happening to me??… Aasa kyu lag raha h jaise kuch hone wala h (why it seems that something is going to happen)…please babaji help me
She was having the same Prism ball which kunj gave her… She went deep in her thought

Her mind revolved around her happy complete family….the memories….the pain when her father left…the suffer…the sacrifice leela did for her…
Tears dropped for her eyes but suddenly the ball to fell in broke into pieces
This made twinkle panic
“I knew it something is going to happen….that day when papa left us…i was having the same feeling….maa…let me call her” she thinks
She tries Leela’s call many times but she was not picking up the call
“Twinkel u r thinking too much….just chill…its better if I visit mall…at least tere dimag ke keede shant ho jaiange” she thinks n within sometime she leaves



A boy is in a closed isolated room…
“RT…now u r finished….just enjoy ur few minutes in peace “ he yells…the boy is reveled to be kunj

He grabbed his bag n left the place


Twinkle reached the mall but it was something different there
The entire mall was filled with media, flashes, huge crowd
On enquiring twinkle got to know that Ramhinder Taneja is present here for a press conference
On hearing this twinkle was in utter shock
She didnt knew how to reach….she ran from their like a maniac….n reached the parking lot of the mall…their she broke down into tears


Here RT received a call…suddenly his facial expressions changed
He excused himself n made his way towards the parking



Twinkle is in one corner n RT on the other…they r away for each other
RT is searching someone desperately
Suddenly he hear a voice
V : RT dont take stress ….mai yahi hu (I m here only)
R : What do h want?…just tell me (he yells)
V : nothing much….umm…just ur life (says evilly)

The voice continues, “ Like u snatched my Life from me….my family…u took my everything n now its ur turn” he says point the gun towards him
All the time RT was begging for his life

Twinkel was now able to here some noises….she found something fishy n she ran towards the other end n hid herself behind the pillar
She was shocked to see RT in that condition n moreover Kunj holding a gun to shoot him

“KUNJ” she yelled
This distracted his attention n turned back
“Twinkle what r u doing here” he questioned
Kunj held RT n tied his with a rope so that he dont escape…n then moved towards twinkle

K : I m asking u something… (In loud pitch)
Twinkle was just staring RT with teary eyes
Finally kunj got irritated with her gestures n again returned to RT n pointed the gun

The trigger was pressed but suddenly

“DONT DO THAT PLEASE….” She again shouted
But kunj didnt responded to her words n continued
“JUST STOP IT….HE IS MY FATHER DAMMIT” this time saying this she broke down into tears
Kunj was standing numb n RT was having a wicked smile on his face
Kunj turned to her n saw her sitting on the floor crying

K : this man…this bl**dy Murderer is ur father…(leaving a faint laugh) r u kidding me twinkle taneja
T : (sobbing) no I m not…he is Ramhinder Taneja…my father
Kunj could not believe on his ears
K : how can this be possible (whispers)
K : No….I can’t leave his alive….he killed my family…I cant
He says holding the gun
T : please dont do this…my maa will die please dont… (Crying hard)
R : That bl**dy cheap woman…I mean that Leela….I killed her (laughing evilly)
Twinkle suddenly ran towards him n held his collar
T : where is my maa??…just say where is she…
R : She got to know that I killed Sarna family…what she thought that she will blackmail me to expose me infront of police n I will leave her….so I just finished her game today morning

This was a great trauma for twinkle….her life was taken away…
Their was silence all over…suddenly she got up ….wiped her eyes…
Kunj was standing next to her holding the gun….she took it from this hand n


Yes she shot RT….n he was dead on the spot
Everything was so sudden that kunj didnt got time to stop her
She dropped the gun with her eyes wide open

Kunj went towards twinkle n slapped her

K : Twinkle what did u do?? (Says holding her shoulder)
But she didnt say anything
T : Call the police (was the word she said)
K : What??…Police??…R u out of ur mind twinkel??
She shook his hand from her shoulder n yelled

K : I won’t …did u get that….I will not call….do u even know the circumstances after that….u will be hanged…n I will also be caught…its my battle let me handle it….I will surrender to police n say that I have killed him…u just leave from here
He says pushing her away…

T : I won’t let u go alone….
K : BUT WHY??…
Twinkle was silent…

Twinkle took a deep breath

(Says breaking down into tears)

• • • • • • • •


• • • • • • • • • • •

Hellooo lovely ppl
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