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Sirf Tere Liye ( Naagin ) Episode 3

Next day In Singh mansion

Sitara : Shivanya, come lets go shopping.  You have to choose your shaadi joda .


Vinay : Yes come fast .

In the mall

Shivanya was searching for something in the bridal section when she bumps into someone .

Shivanya : Ooops! Sorry

Man: Sorry

Shivanya : Ritik!

Ritik : Shivanya!

Sitara : Ritik beta what are you doing here ?

Ritik : Aunty , to buy sherwani.

Vinay : Its good you and Shivanya go and select dresses yourself . OK.?

Shivanya : Sure.

In the Sherwani section.

Ritik : How will be this one ?

Shivanya : No,  it will look dull.

Ritik : This ?

Shivanya : No

Ritik: This ?

Shivanya : Wait I’ll select one for you .

Shivanya goes on searching and finally comes with a royal blue Sherwani with red detailing .She told Ritik to select it and buy .

Ritik : Lets go to buy your joda and jewellery. . I will select for you.

Ritik went on searching and found a  red saree with golden border. It was embroidered perfectly with silver and golden threads. Then they went to jewellery section. Shivanya denied to buy jewellery but Ritik convinced her. Ritik rejected all the jewellery sets but finally he selected a platinum set whose necklace was made of white diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Earrings were made of Emerald,pearl and Sapphire and the Mangtika was very good. It was made up of diamonds and pearls. The anklets were made of pearl and emeralds.  the waist chain was super gorgeous by gold and platinum. The nath was very thick and made up of silver . The head chain was also very pretty .

Shivanya : Thanks for your help.

Ritik : Mention Not

Shivanya : So…… bye !

Ritik : Ya…. bye !

When they turned Shivanya’s duppata got stuck in Ritik’s watch and she was pulled and was about to fell but Ritik held her. They had an eyelock.  Suddenly the other end of the duppata fell on them . Ritik got  distracted and removed the duppata.

In singh mansion all the ceremony took place greatly and finally it was the day of wedding .

In Raheja mansion

Ritik was lost in Shivanya’s beauty.  She looked mesmerised in the clothes and jewellery.

Panditji : Call the groom and bride .

Yamini and Sitara : Yes Panditji

Ritik and Shivanya sat on the bedi.After the marriage was over they got up to take blessings. In their room Shivanya was sitting.  Ritik lifts her veil .

Shivanya : Listen stay away from me

Ritik : Now we are married.

Shivanya : I know but I want to clarify something.

Ritik : Speak frankly.

Shivanya : I don’t love you.  I love someone else . This wedding is not happening with my wish . My father is not listening to me . I don’t want this marriage  . Neither me nor you will be happy with this marriage. So please,  I want …… I want. …. I want divorce !

Ritik : What ? You are joking right ?

Shivanya : No I’m not. 

Ritik : If this is your wish then tommorow I’ll talk with my parents and we’ll go to the court .

Shivanya : No , please don’t tell aunty and uncle . All are very happy and if my father knows then …. then …. woh mujhe jeete ji mar dalenge .

Ritik : Ok fine! First we’ll go to the court and then I’ll tell.

Shivanya: Thank you for understanding me ..

Ritik: Its ok ! If anyone would have been in my place must have done this .

Shivanya : No , anyone can’t do this what you’ve done , it needs love and sacrifice. Mein jaanti hun ki app mujhse pyaar karte hein , mujhe aapki aankho mein wo pyaar dikhta . Par kya karun majbur hun ,maine Manav se pyaar kiya ….. agar mein reh jaati to hum dono khush nahi reh paate . Mein andar se gut gut ke marti aur aap mujhe dekh kar marte . Isliye behtar yahi hoga ki hum dono alag ho jaaye …..

Ritik : Never mind, let’s sleep

Shivanya :……

Ritik : Stop crying. Sleep in the bed ..

Next morning in the dining table

Yamini : Shivanya , come

Angana: Bhaiya,  did something happen last night?

Angad : If yes then…

Yamini : Stop Angad.  Stop teasing him. Ritik have breakfast

Ritik : Actually maa, I wanted to take Shivanya to visit mumbai with me …
Angad : Say straight that you wanna romance.

Yamini : Ok beta take ..,

In the court

Ritik : we want divorce

Lawyer : What’s the duration of marriage?

Shivanya : One night.

Lawyer : So early , according to the law you’ve to spend at least 6 months with each other.  Ok?

Ritik : Listen please.

Lawyer : no, I’ve many other cases.

Precap : Shivanya to save Ritik

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