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Silence And Noise Of Love Life- Segment 9

Shr enters his room suman was sitting on the bed wearing ghunghat
Shr:uthao apne is mun chupane wale Aale ko
she takes her ghunghat off
sumi:alla nae ghunghat ghunghat h ye
Shr:whatever m fresh ho jaon phr tm ho Jana
Shr goes and gets fresh
sumu goes and vets nijad from her so called bridal dress
both sit on the bed
Shr: I wanna tell u sth
sumu: bolen
Shr; I don’t think that v should take our marriage to the next level until v know eachothdr well
sumu: I also think so
Shr: perfect than so jao gud night
sumu: gud night and lays on the bed
Shr; hey u utho
sumu: kun
Shr: this is my bed OK
sumu: soo??
Shr: to utho
sumu: ap ne nae parha k Jo tmhara h WO mera h r Jo mera h WO b mera h OK
Shr: nae pharha OK now get up
sumu: then where I will sleep
Shr: WO dekho us bla ko couch kehte hain couch kia kehte gain?¿
sumu: couch js PR ap souen ge
Shr: m nae ap
sumu: PR m couch p kese soun ge

Shr goes and lays down on couch
Shr: ESE
sumu perfect now u sleep
Shr gets up: g nae uthen wahan se
sumu: BT Shr I m girl na
shr: so what
sumu: Shr plzz
Shr: no means no g
sumu: OK ESA krte hain,……
Shr: ek hi bed PR so jate hain g nae got that
sumu: m keh b nae rae one day u sleep on couch other day I will
Shr: but.,…
sumu; no but
Shr: k fine chalo jao so jao couch pr
sumu: first u
Shr: y should I????
sumu: for the first time men’s first
Shr: annñ fine switch off the light
sumi’ mjhe dar laagta h
Shr:hahaha mjh se ya andhere se
sumu: ap se main nae darte andhere se
Shr: mjhe light m nenwd nae ati
sumu: r mjhe light m ati h
Shr: couch PR kn so raha h???
sumu ap
Shr: pati kn h???
sumu: ap
she : zulm kis p ho raha couch PR sone ka???
sumu: ap PR
Shr: exactly couch PR so raha hn zulm bardast kr raha hn r tm mere liye itna nae kr skti
sumu: ap black mail kr rae hain mjhe
Shr: koi shakk
sumu: no shakk OK fine ap Jaen kr rae hn off


Shr goes and sleeps on couch suman on bed their was just a light of Ac
sumu alto jalal to aae bla ko tal tu
sumu: sunte hain g????
Shr with out opening eyes
Shr: g????
sumu: main dekh rae the ap aunte hain ya nae
Shr: what the
sumu: hahaha OK sorey m dekh rae the so gae ya nae
Shr: han han jb soun gaa alarm bj jae ga OK
sumu; what
Shr: what what shut up sleep and let me sleep
sumu: OK sorry gud night
Shr: gud night
suman again: alto jalaal to aae bla ko tall to
Shr : bla tmhare sath SOE hoe h pta nae kise tal rae ho
sumu shut up so Jaen ap
Shr : so raha hn
both sleep
scene split on Shr and suman sleeping faces

precap: kitchen……… chalna h guys

so guys many of u asked me to post asap so here u go the boring opps amazing chapter of ff hahaha
smile ur request is accepted and plzz keep commenting guys I need it
mario take a lot of card of urself
lots of love

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