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Silence And Noise Of Love Life- Segment 15

Truck driver takes the suman to the hospital and dials shr number
Shr see the caller id as sumu he doesn’t. Pick up the call
2nd call
Third call
No response thenshr thinks that she might be in some problem he was thinking this when driver enters room
Driver: Sir sir
Shr: Ya what happened
Fri: Siir actually suman man
Shr: What happened to her
Fri: She took the same care which. Had failed brakes
Files drops from sshr hand in shock
Shr shouts: What the hell I had told u to take that cargo the mechanic
Driver terrified: Sorry sir
Shr shouts high in his vocals : Get out just get out now
Driver leaves shr sits on the floor with athud
Shr: Oh God plz save my suman from any accident I can’t bear loosing her its all my fault I shouldn’t have scolded ger that much I will say sorry I will never scold her Bt plzzz dbr do anything with her u know na she us my life ya she is my life

Then he remembers calls he pick up his phone and call back on suman numbers
Someone picks up the car
Shr: Suman slow the spped of ur car and tell me where r u I m coming summan r u listening to me??? Su.an
Truck driver: Sir this lady has crashed her car with my truck shre is I very critical condition we r at hospital right now soo will u plz cone
Shr: What the hell u must be Jojing nothing can happen with my suman do u got that that
Driver’ she. Us very critical. Plz come
Phone slips from shr hand and he rushes to the hospital
Shr reaches hospital
Shr: Excuse me my wife is admitted here mrs suman can u tell me which ward
Rece: Sir let me check …..am she is in ICU on 3rd floor
Shr: Thanks he rushes to the icu
Shr: Doctor how is my wife
Dr: She is ur wfe???
Shr: Yes how is she????
Dr: She is very ill alot of bloodd iss lost chances r equal to non
Shr: What do u mean by none I want my wife fine as soon as possible do u get that
Dr: We will try our best
Shr: What do u mean by try ??? U should do it
Dr: Dnt worry relax
Dr enters operation theater ?
Shr sits on the bench with a Thud
Khuda ko dikh raha hoga
Na dil tjh se juda hoga
Tere taqdeer main mjh ko wo ab to likh raha hoga…….
Tera hi bss hona chahun
Tere dard Mai Rona chahun
Tere dil k in zakhmon PE marham main hona chahun……..
Ab toh naseeb main mere likh de…..
Kar le qabool khudaya here sajde …….
Ab toh naseeb main mere likh de
Shr was continuously praying to God to make his life fine to give him last chance to tell her that he is guilty she is his life


Iperation over
Dr comes out of ot and tells him that
Shr: Dr how is my wife
Dr: Sorry shr but ur wife is no more
Shr: What the hell how can u say that my wife can’t lecve me u r lying I know u r lying
Dr: Soorry v tried our best
Dr leaves shr falls on the floor
Shr: No she can’t leave me I will not let her leave me no she can’t nooooooooooooooooo
Ye dil tanha Ku rahe
Kun ham tukron main jiye
Ye dil tanga Ku rahe
Ku HM tukron main jiye
Kun rooh mere ye sahe
Main adhoora jee raha hn
Ye sadaeen de raha hun
Mjhe tere zaroorat
Mjhe tere zaroorat hai
Scene splits on sr
Hr crying face
Bs bs bs segment finishe

Precal; 2 more epis to go

Hey guys what’s up ????
I hope u guys dnt cry. By suspense and bash mme
Ohk ohk
Take care and enjoy
Lots of love
Kar le qabool khudaya mere sajde ….

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