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SidMin…..!!! (OS)

Hii…Simple Short Boring OS!!

Jasmine was in Love with Sidhant But never expressed her feeling..She was a doctor of sidhnat when he faced a little incident and he was paralysed..Jasmine took care of him day and night ..Now Sidhant was recovered..After a week ..! She came to know that she has fallen in love with Sidhant..But it was late as Sidhant was soon marrying her business partner Maya…!! She was heart broken…And from here Sidhant came to know about his feelings for her…
Sid: Is it True..?? How can it be? Tomorrow is my engagement… but maybe…. He then remembers that what she has said about love!! When u are in love ..The one you love, you see them everywhere and you find everything happy…


These symtomps were found in him..
He got a disease of love? Seriously? He? How can he fall in love? An arrogant business man fall on love…!
He was just questioning himself! How can I? And with her? Jas…mine? Dr Jasmin Bhasin ? My doctor..
There Jasmine was thinking only about him every day and night…
He is getting married!!! I am okay!!! She was consoling herself!!!I am okay! She was just crying… when she slept she doesn’t know….
The next morning Sid called Jas

S: Helo!!
J:Hello? Yes?
S: I just wanna tell u something Can we meet?
J:Sure! When and where?
Sid told her the time and location.
J:Okay I’ll be there! Bye..
S: K
Sid come to the place..
Sid saw her… Jas also saw him.. She waved to her while crossing the road… She didn’t noticed a truck coming towards her……
She got a deadly accident… Sid runs towards her….
S: Open ur eyes…Jasmine
J: Sid… I want to tell u something before I die….
S:Shut up!! You r not going to die…

I will take u to hosp.
J: I love u Sid
S: Jas..U love me?
S: I love u tooo…….
He hugged her….. They reach hosp..
She was taken to the emergency… He was praying, crying…..
Doctor: Sorry Mr.Sidhant Due to excessive blood loss we couldn’t save Ms. Jasmin
We are sorry!
Sid was completely broken.. He shouted ‘No this can’t happen… She can’t leave me’ Nooo…
He fall down….. They bring her dead body to him….
Doctor: You should inform her family…..

When the doctor left without wasting a single second, without informing anyone from Bhasin family someone falls on Jas….. He was Sid..
Nurse: Dr. come fast…. Mr. Sidhant have fallen down unconciously…
Doctor rushed to Sid..:Nurse, inform Mr. Sid’s family that thier son is dead…. and tell them too that a girl named Jasmin also died. If they know her family, inform her family too.
Nurse:Doc What happened to Sidhant??A sudden heart attack? Doc: No…..
He cut his both wrists so deeply that………. he couldn’t survive a minute…!!
Both families are shown in their funeral. There were two deadbodies…. Sid and Jas..

…..The End

Hmm Boring???
Leave it just wanted to tell if anyone on instagram?????? I m new on Instagram !
If anyone I am : zakiyah.khan
Ok Bye..

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