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Shravan aur Suman ka bezubaan ishq (Episode 10)

hi guys this is riya back to eat your heads and this is fourth time i am writing this episode i am fed up of this i posted thi yester day and this one is gonna be a long one as u requested but as I am writing this again so may be it became short and guys there is a note for u at the end so let’s start
as sumo turns she see some goons with gun and she gets afraid wheras shravan starts to check how tyre got punctured aur fir sumo uske kandhe par haath rakti hai shravan was busy in checking tyre said – hmm

sumo – shr…shravan
shr – kya hua itna Dara hua sound kyun kar rahi hoo koi bhoot dekh liya kya ( what happened why are you sounding so scared ) saying this he also turns and see them and suddenly he feels a thud on his head and a goon hit him with rod he falls on ground on his knees and sumo also bends and hold him and another goon comes start to take away sumo shravan who was in pain could not stop himself starts getting up in that condition and moves towards sumo he holds her hand and pulls her towards him and she land up on his chest and she starts looking at him he makes her stand behind him he asks them why what do u want they say we want her our boss wants her after listening this shravan moves towards them moving his sleeves up his arms and put his hand on the goon’s shoulder and starts laughing and says le jao le jao( take her take her) peecha chotega isse vaise bhi main soch raha tha isse peecha kaise chotega aaj bhagwan NE aap logon ko mera farishta bana kar bheja hai lekin thoda door hi rehna kabhi bhi dohra pad sakta hai phir main kya koi bhi aapko nai bacha paiga


goon – MATLAB
shr – MATLAB yeh pagal hai pagal khane se bhag kar aai hai aab sooch lo kya kar sakti hai yeh
and all goons run away listening this and left shravan laughing and sumo shocked she came near him and says – what was this
shr – so what more could I do u see they had weapons just then sumo sees a drop of blood rolling on his neck
sumo – shravan this blood

shr – puts his hand in which sumo was pointing and sees blood on his hand blood don’t worry it’s nothing lets go
sumo – how can u say its nothing just come with me i I’ll do your dressing you have first aid box in the car know
shr – yes
and history repeats itself like before aab yaad nai toh jab sumo ne shr ki pitaai ki thi vaisa Hi scene hai

and then shravan ne gadi ko dekha jiske Charon tyre phus ho chuke the toh usne ghar phone kiya aur ek gadi mangai they were around 50-55 km away so time lagana tha toh vo gadi baith gaye raat ho rahi thi aas pass jungle aur jungle main to janwar hote Hi hain aur phir awazen aanie lagi aur sumo ne darr ke mare shravan ka haath pakad liya aur shravan toh smart hai Hi toh vo samajh gaya ki sumo darr lag raha hai toh vo usse batein karne laga aur vo dono baat karte karte soo gaye lekin sumo uska haath pakad kar hi soo rahi thi u know whyphir kuch der baad khidki par ek zoor se ek knock hui aur unn dono ki neend khul gayi aur dono ghabrai hue ek dosre ke dekhna shoro kar diya

aur bas khatam ho gaya bas Bhaiya I am sorry aab aage likh nai painge and the 10 th episode yahan tak ki journey kaise kat gayi pata Hi nahi chala aap logon ke khoobsurat saath ke saath I just wanna thanks Khush di maro di sis preet di sumo di sona di Nikita di fatarajo Fatima neeti Ariana lovely lady and every one else love u guys a lot and a tight hug from me to all of u aur yaar please slient readers bhi comment karein taki thank u wali list aur Badi ho jaye and guys this is the third time I am writing this episode and it will be remembered by me for a long time
lots lots lots of love ???????

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