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Shravan aur Suman ka bezubaan ishq epiosde 13

hi guys I am back sab surprised honge ke main jaldi kaise aagi but this episode is especially for maro Di unka birthday gift hope aapko acha lage Di
so let’s start
their group has reached Goa and they reach the place where they have to live ‘The Love Nest’ (guys its not actually nest but it is named love nest ) a beautiful lady comes out of the bungalow
lady….hi everyone I am Natasha
shravan….hi I am shravan rahul mahnotra ka beta
nat…so u r the handsome hunk Han
shravan….. thanks Aur yeah hai suhaani Aur suman Nat…..rahul ke dost
shravan…. mohan uncle Aur paresh uncle ki beti
Nat… OK so tum ho Mr London ki cutie pie Aur tum is handsome hunk ki
suhaani and sumo together…. yaa thanks then
after introducing their friends they move toward the bungalow and Nat show them the way to their room and shravan and suman got rooms in front of each other but unfortunately suhaani would be staying with sumo in her room everybody left for their room
after getting fresh everyone left for dinning hall except shravan and sumo as he was making an important call and she was busy with her luggage soon both got out of their rooms but were busy so they collided and this time shravan was about to fall but suman tightly holded him and shravan also holded her tight but vo akele kaise USSe pakad paati Aur dono gir Gaye sumo over shravan and just then Nat came they both got up and were feeling embarrassed but then they both gone to had their lunch
in the evening
they all were playing aankh me choli on the terrace it was sumo’s turn and suhaani tied the cloth on her eyes and then every body ran to hide as sumo was very good at this game but this time she started moving towards the edge of the terrace and the boundaries were not there so she might fall and one more step and gone but someone pulled her and she was saved sumo open the cloth and said kaun hai and saw shravan and shravan pointed towards the edge she had a height phobia so she tightly hugged him and he also hugged her ek duje ke vaaste played in background

bas yaar aur soch nai paa rahe but happy birthday maro Di I wish you live a big life love u Di and comment Kar diya karo yaar jaise ishqbaaz wala rudra bina protein shake ke nahi reh sakta vaise hum writer bhi comments ke bagare nai re sakte but I love all of you and from now I’ll be a little more irregular cause exam are coming so can’t do anything bye


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