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“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-22


So ….. Glad to know you were excited to read it… Sorry for the delay, but TU had problems with this.. Anyways.. Now each episode will be posted daily, as only 3-4 ep’s left and I have written all….


Precap: shravan come to preeti’s house..plan shown of shraman to send away rahul. Rahul dancing with Sumo..

So , Rahul’s trying to dance with Sumo… But she’s uncomfortable…

Shravan keeps looking angrily at Sumo, who is very upset ….

A tear drops from Sumo’s eye.. That makes Shravan hell angry…
Now Rahul sees this, and touches her cheek and removes the tear…. This was enough for Shravan

Shravan: enough….

He goes to Sumo, removes her hand from Rahul’s shoulder, holds it tight, which gives Sumo a relaxation… He pulls her hand which makes her bang on his chest… Rahul steps back

Shravan dances with her… Sumo’s sadness turns into absolute JOY… Shravan feels a relaxation, to have her near him… After months…

Sumo: tt…thank you
Shravan nods in NO….
Sumo smiles…

They dance on Tere Sang Yaara Khush Rang Bahaara…

Shravan lifts Sumo up… And swings her around… He twists her and then pulls her close….

Preeti: matlab Shravan bhi…..
Pushkar: matlab Sumo bhi??
Preeti: tu janta tha??
Pushkar: haan… Tu bhi?

Preeti nods

Pushkar: in dono ko saath toh lana padega…

PreeKar dance for sometime, and then step back, as the spotlight falls on ShraMan…

They dance very well, and are lost in each other’s eyes..

Shravan twirls Sumo and bends her down…

He lifts her up gracefully.. They are smiling, and have a glow in their face, and such intense eyelock…..

They were very happy…

Everyone clap and hoot which breaks their eyelock…

ShraMan: thank you…

Other guests come and compliment them, which makes Rahul hell jealous…

Rahul: you must have performed before naa?? That you guys danced so well…
Preeti: nahi nahi.. Inki chemistry bhi waisi hai….
Pushkar: their friendship is very intense.. Tu nahi samjhega.. Kai baar, baatein kehke nahi, dekhke hi samajh aati hai.. Tujhe nahi aayi kya??
Rahul: matlab
Sumo: matlab ye kuch bhi bolta hai…
Shravan: yaar, mujhe toh bohot bhuk lagi hai…

PreeKar hi-fi

Pushkar: bas aise hi chalte rahega..
Preeti: aur thode dino mei 2 couples ki shaadi ho jaaaegi..
Pushkar: kaun 2?
Preeti: shravan-sumo and me and…
Pushkar: and..
Preeti: woh toh tere upar hai
Pushkar: tu pushkar nahi keh sakti.? Don’t you trust me?
Preeti: I don’t know

They sit down on the table… Everyone is confused on what to order…

Preeti: Rahul, tum yaha bohot baar aaye ho.. Tum hi batao yaha pe kya accha hai..
Rahul: Mushroom sizzler?
Sumo: umm no…. Shravan is allergic to Mushrooms…
Rahul: tumhe kaise pata??
Pushkar: They know each other more than they know themselves..
ShraMan smile..
Rahul: tum dono sirf 2 din pehle hi mile ho..
Sumo: kya baat kar rhe ho? We know each other since past 5 years…
Rahul: what?
Shravan: yea,we were college roommates.. Me, sumo, pushkar , preeti, khushi , Dhruv…..
Sumo: college roommates
Shravan: we all were very great friends…. And me and sumo toh were best friiends..
Sumo (murmures) and maybe something more..

Rahul hears this and gets jealous…
Rahul: best friends? Just like PreeKar
Pushkar was drinking water.. He spit it out..
Preeti: yep.. We were just best friends..

They eat food… And head towards the gate…
preeti: mei pushkar ke saath chali jaungi..
PreeKar leave in a car….
Rahul: chalo Sumo….
Shravan: Suman… Suman naam hai uska
Rahul: okay…
Shravan: yaar… Hum Delhi mei hai…
Sumo: happy realization Shravan…
Shravan: mangode??

Sumo: what…its 12?
Rahul: haan toh?
Sumo: shravan… College ke paas wale mangode!!
Rahul: what?
Shravan: yess… Wahi keh raha hu waha ke mangode bohot famous hai.. Woh abhi 12 baje hi aata hai.. Chaloo
Rahul : nahi nahi..
Sumo: mei jaa rahi.. Tumhe nahi aana, mat aoo.. Chal Shravan…
Rahul: accha ruk.. I’ll come..

Shravan walks further and opens the passenger seat…

Rahul: sumo ko nahi pasand koi bhi uske liye door khole
Sumo: Shravan is different..
She happily sits down and Shravan closes the door..

Shravan: I’ll drive…

Shravan sits in the front and Rahul sits at the back…

Sumo: PreeKar ko bhi bula le?
Rahul: PreeKar?
Shravan: haan, wo hum dono preeti – pushkar ko PreeKar bulate hai
Rahul: okay..

Sumo opens her bag and is searching her phone… She can’t find it.. While searching, she keeps her hand on the gear.. Shravan had to change the gear, so he just keeps his hand on Sumo’s and changes the gear… Rahul sees this…
Sumo looks at him…

Sumo: nahi mil raha mera phone…
Shravan hands over his phone..

Rahul: password toh bata de bhai..
Shravan: woh guess kar legi..

Sumo: let’s see….

She types “JamesBond” and it was correct…
Rahul: kya hai password iska??
Sumo: arre? Mei kyu batau?
Sumo invites PreeKar….

Pushkar: challo bhai, mangode khane
Preeti: tum mujhse gussa ho kya?
Pushkar: nai nai.. Infact, I’m glad that you’re getting married to Rahul..ab ek banda apne best friend ke liye toh khush hoga naa
Preeti: c’mon yar..wo nahi janta
Pushkar: yea right…

Precap: Goa..(Kyu, kaise , kaha? Sochte raho)

How was it now? Zyada toh nahi ho gya?? I know bohot saare scenes ho gaye.. Anyways, ShraMan scenes bhi zyada ho gaye kya??
And are you happy with this track, I mean 2 people are jealous because of Rahul.. And Rahul’s jealous of Shravan.. So are you happy or not?

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