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“ShraMan-PreeKar” a LOVE story E-21


So I’d go with both the ideas, as both were chosen equally..


Accordingly, what I think is that you guys want Sumo to meet Shravan in Delhi, and PreeKar to invite him.. Right??

So.. Sumo will meet Shravan in Delhi, but will …….. (Why am I spoiling the suspense.. Read guys.. Read)

Sumo is walking on the road… She is looking beautiful in a black dress … On the other hand, a guy is walking towards Sumo’s direction.. (Yes… That is Shravan..) So sumo has a lot of stuff in her hand… As she walks she trips and Shravan holds her, as Sumo is more worried about her stuff than the guy who helped her, she bends to pick it up, and as Shravan’s talking on the phone, he is not looking at the girl.. Somehow, Sumo gets up and her locket sticks with the guy’s keyring in his hand…. She does not realize that but the guy does…. He looks at her…. Sumo slides away saying thank you, more worried at looking at her stuff, rather than the guy.. She walks away.. And the SS apart… This is noticed by Shravan…

Shravan: Sumo….

Suddenly he hears the guy on the phone shouting

“Shravan?? You there??”

Shravan: ha bol
Guy: toh tu aa jana
Shravan: haan pushkar, aa jaunga teri madad karne…
Pushkar: great then….
Shravan: accha sunn… Sumo yaha hai kya???
Pushkar cuts the phone by the time… Shravan looks in the direction of the girl…. He was damn happy, seeing her after a long time

He goes home and packs stuff
2 days later

Preeti is watching TV
Doorbell rings..
Preeti opens the door
Preeti: shravann…. Finally tum aa gaye…
Shravan: aisa kabhi ho sakta hai, ki tum bulao aur mei na aau??
Preeti: kuch bhi..

She hits him playfully….

Shravan: waise…. Meine suna hai ki tumhari love life mei problem hai…
Preeti nods…

Pushkar comes and hugs Shravan…

Pushkar: this is so fun… We all friends, back together again..(Now annoyed) with rahul…
Shravan: all friends??
Pushkar: hmm…. Sumo bhi toh yahi ruki hai
Shravan: sumo??

Shravan looks at Preeti…Preeti nods…

Shravan (hesitantly) Okay

He walks in.. He sees Sumo and Rahul running behind each other… Sumo loses balance and is about to fall when Shravan holds her .. She looks at Shravan… They are lost in each other’s eyes… They notice that the S locket of her’s and his keyring joins again….

Sumo: shravan tum yaha??
Shravan: haa..woh Pushkarr ne bulaya tha…

Rahul comes and again applies atta on Sumo’s face..

Sumo loosens the grip of Shravan and runs behind Rahul… Shravan’s jealous….. The S-S apart…

Somehow Sumo manages to hit Rahul.. And not just hit… The pat that she gave on his back was LOUD…. Loud enough to make RAHUL shout: ye kya thaa??

Shravan comes: isiliye meine ise Sumo bulata tha…
Sumo keeps her elbow on Pushkar’s shoulder and smiles…(shravan bohot lamba ho jata na uske liye naa)
Shravan , PreeKar together: Suman ispe suit nahi karta..!

Sumo laughs

Rahul: Sumo nahi, buldozer rakhna chahiye tha..
Sumo acts if she was gonna hit him again..
Rahul: nhi nahi.. Sumo hi thik hai…
ShraMan laugh and look at each other.. They smile….

PreeKar and ShraMan and Rahul are sitting in a room..

Preeti: Rahul, I think ki tumhe koi bula raha hai??
Rahul: okay…

He leaves.. Sumo understands that it was Preeti’s plan…

Pushkar: okay Shravan, listen, actually, the plan is that we saw that Rahul likes Sumo

Sumo looks down and Shravan is irked..

Pushkar: so.. We have decided that Sumo will act very nice and sweet in front of him…
That will make him fall in love with Sumo, which will make him leave Preeti, and Preeti will be mine…!!

Shravan: Sumo and Rahul? nai nai…
Preeti: ye kaisi baatein kar rahe ho…
Sumo: Shravan, we should help them out naa…

Shravan: toh phir, mujhe yaha kyu bulaya hai??
Preeti: actually, the first step has been over.. Rahul has confessed to Sumo, that he likes her… Ab ye hai ki usse pyaar mei daalna hai.. So…

Shravan: sooo….

Preeti: so you have to go closer to Sumo, to make Rahul jealous….

Shravan: (murmurs) mei kam jealous hoon, jo usko bhi jealous karwaunga

Sumo: kya?

Shravan: kuch nahi…. Fine… Ab pushkar-preeti ke liye itna toh karna padega…

Preeti: haan, toh suno, kal hum sab date pe jaaenge.. As a couple… I mean, tum, mei, pushkar, rahul, sumo… Sumo, tumhe aur Shravan ko couple ban ke jaana padega, so he is jealous.. And mei Rahul ke saath jaaungi…..
Pushkar: mera kyaa???
Preeti: arre tu side hero ban ke aa jana
Pushkar: okay

So here is everyone getting ready….

Sumo is looking stunning… Her straight hair with loose curls at the bottom… She’s wearing a plain black saree…
Shravan is wearing a black tshirt with white blazer and black pants….

Pushkar is wearing black blazer white tee with black pants, while preeti is wearing white gown..

Rahul is wearing brown blazer..(But he can’t look good, cause we have Shravan and Pushkar in line..)

So they leave in the car…

ShraMan and PreeHul enter as a couple, whereas Pushkar sadly enters as a side hero…

Waiter comes asks them to join the dance floor…

Preeti agrees, and since it’s PREETI’s wish, everyone had to join..

Rahul decides to go to Sumo and ask her for the dance, but the guy announces that
“The partners will shuffle…”

All go to the stage and there are several other couples… All start ball – dancing.. Sumo starts dancing with Pushkar, which irks Shravan AND Rahul

Then Rahul moves on with Preeti… Which irks Pushkar, and Shravan is left alone…

Sumo notices this, and feels sad….
They talk with gestures and expressions…

Sumo- aww
Shravan- raises his eyebrows….
Sumo- nods and blinks in an assuring way…

The partners change…
Its now Preeti and Pushkar and Sumo and Rahul…

Rahul tries to go closer to Sumo, which makes her uncomfortable, and Shravan angry…. Rahul tries to dance with Sumo..(Like the one Sumo and Shravan were to danc naa in PreeKar’s sangeet, but Aditya came in between? Like that)

Precap: Shravan : enough! He goes to Sumo, takes her hand and pulls it towards himself… Sumo bangs against Shravan’s chest…

How was the episode guys?? It’s gonna get more interesting .. Trust me.. I can’t wait to tell you all…. So just read….

And sorry for being late, I went out of station.. And you guys wanted ShraMan scenes naa?? You’ll get them a lot now

Do comment….

And yea… I have not been able to comment much, but trust me..I read all your ff’s.. And specially to WeirdSister: di.. You are amazing..I mean the way you potrayed Shravan’s feelings.. It killed me.. You were and will be one of the best writers here.. I’m gonna miss you.. So come back soon! And I’m having problems so just don’t private msg me.. You gotta message that again, as TU deleted your msg..

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