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Shraman ff !! Epi – 3

Hey guys…
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let’s move to third epi..
Recap- Shravan saw Sumo hugging Aditya it was friendly hug to assure Adi that everything will be fine…
But Shravan missunderstood her…
nd he was very much angry as according to Shravan, Sumo cheated her again…

Scene 1
Shravan was in the parking lodge… He was really irked with Sumo..
He wanted to ask her y always she hurt him..
But right now he was not in a state to confront her..
So he leave for his place…
on the other side..
Sumo was clearing Aditi’s ( Adi’s gf) misunderstanding ..
outside ADI’s hospital room
Sumo- kya yr Aditi u know dis Adi he such fool..whenever he tries to do something good he lands into some trouble..
A- tum kya kehna chahti ho suman..
Sumo- Actually us Chipku Rahul ko pta chl gya tha ki tum aur adi gf aur bf ho…
kyunki jb tum dono date pe gye the to usne tumhe dkh liya tha.. Adi get to know that Rahul knows about ur relationship .. so adi made a plan dat we will show Rahul that Adi loves me & is mad behind me so that he don’t instigates ur father against u both..
Aditi- M sorry Sumo mne tum dono ko galat smjha..plz forgive me..
Sumo- no problem
A- but y didn’t he told me about this matter..??
Sumo- bcoz he don’t want u to be stressed just bcoz of dat Rahul..
A- Aww my baby…
sumo thnx for everything yr.. now u go take rest ..I will stay here with him..
Sumo- bye ..tc


Scene 2
Sumo and Shravan both r at their rooms in their respective house..
Both were thinking about each other..

Shravan’s p.o.v
why Sumo? why always u do dis to me..
I loved u unconditionally that time but u always ignored me.. You always showed dat m no one to you.. You were so sweet with me before but after dat confession u ignored me..
What hurt me the most was Jo tumne mere school chodne se 6 ,month pehle kra..
tum aisa kese kr skti ho..
I always thought that there was some reason behind ur behavior ..some personal problem or something but today u have proved me wrong… u always lied to me..
He was sobbing..his eyes were red due sobbing nd due to anger boiling inside him…

Suman’s P.o.v
I met him..
He has changed over years..
That guy who was once shorter than me is now a tall handsome man.. His eyes are still the same ..filled with innocence.. but he hide a pain behind those eyes. . and the reason behind dat pain is me..
From the day he left the school m holding this guilt..
I always wanted to apologize to u..but was not able to…
She move toward her cupboard and take out her diary which she use to write during her school days…
She opened the diary and the first thing which she saw was their class photograph .. she smiled looking at the photographer..
Next page it was written

Dr. Suman and her Story..
in bold letter..

#Screen Freezes
#Precap- Flashback of Shraman’s story..

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