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SHRAMAN: best friends or lovers ( fourth episode )

Hi guys okay I am not ending it in 5 episodes happy. This is the 4th episode for you guys first of all happy friendship day everyone. Have fun reading it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s treat for your guys in friendship day. Guys the promo will happen after few episodes not right now.
Episode 4
Recap: – shraman snow fighting. Preekar romantic moments.

The next day
Shraman and their families reached to Kashmir. They get down from the train and go to a resort. They all freshen up there and have bf. It was snowing so shraman and Preekar go out together. Shravan was busy talking with someone using this opportunity sumo throws a snow ball on him it hits his head and he shouts in pain he also starts throwing snow ball on her. Like they starts snow fighting they were now fully covered in sumo. Everyone starts laughing seeing them they both get damn angry. Here pushkar take Preeti to somewhere and pins her to the wall and tries to be romantic with her he says Preeti aaj kitni beautiful lag rahi ho and he kisses her forehead she buries her head in his chest in shyness. Shraman sees this and thinks to tease them so intentionally they both cough. Preekar turns toward them they were blushing like hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shravan says bhai thoda toh sharam karo mere hi samne bhabhi ki saath romance kar rahe ho chi chi disgusting. Pushkar gets angry and starts running after him they both were running here and there. Finally they gave up and burst out into laughter.


At night
Sumo and shravan discuss about their childhood masti holding their hand in hand sumo was not wearing a coat or anything so she starts shivering badly seeing this shravan gives her his coat and a cute eye lock takes place between them edkv title song plays in bg. Suddenly they hear a ghost sound bhooo and sumo gets scared because of which she hugs shravan tightly this time they both see a big shadow coming towards them now shravan was also scared like hell and suddenly the shadow shout bhoooooooooooooo. They both shout aah bhooth koi bachao humhe please koi bachao lo humhe bahut daar lag raha hai. Sumo starts crying like a small child shravan consoles her. Suddenly the shadow starts laughing they revealed to be Preekar. They were laughing like a maniac shraman sees them and gets shocked Pushkar says had fun you both guys you teased me na see now I have given you guys punishment for teasing me. Shraman gets damn angry and thinks of something and gives a devil smile to pushkar he gulps in fear!!!!!!!!!!!

Precap: – now what will these two devils shraman do with pushkar.

So guys how was fourth episode. Did you guys liked it or not. Love you all thanks for your love and support for me and my ff and a good news guys after I finish this ff I will be posting a new ff okay done but it has so much time left.

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