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SHRAMAN: best friends or lovers ( episode 7)

Hey guys sriya here with seventh episode of my ff…..hope you guys like it too… I saw that your birthday is on 24th so it is a special gift for you birthday from your cute sweet sissy….. hope you guys like it too….
Episode 7
Recap: – shravan and sumo reached to their respective homes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sumo and shravan family reached their home…. they all slept after the trip…….. as they were fully tired…the two devils slept thinking about each other…..


The next day
Sumo and shravan reach to the college…. they say hi to each other and left to their respective classes….. after wards sumo goes to the library… shravan sees her and goes after her…. she wants to take a book it was in upper shelf…. she thinks what to do then she takes the help of a ladder when she was about to take the book the ladder moves little bit and she was about to fall down when shravan catches her…….a cute eye lock takes place between them…. edkv music plays in background… they then realise their position and shravan keeps her down…. there was awkward silence between them…. sumo left from there….before shravan could say anything…. shravan felt bad and left in opposite direction….
Sumo ( thinks ): I am sorry shravan but it is better if we should maintain distance between us otherwise my feelings for you will become more I don’t want our friendship to break for my one side love……
She thinks and left to her classes….. soon all classes finish and shravan was coming to talk with sumo… sumo saw him but left in her car before he comes…. shravan gets angry he thinks why sumo is ignoring me all the time what is her problem…. I have to find out…..


The next day
Sumo meets shravan but left to her classes before that shravan takes her to a lonely place and pins her to the wall…. he kisses her lips she clutches his shirt…. he takes out his frustration and anger on her…. he stops they both breathe heavily due to lack of oxygen… sumo leaves from there running… and shravan realises what he had done…. he was about to say sorry to her when she left from the college….. shravan gets angry on himself…. for doing like this……!!!!!!!!!!!! he thinks to say sorry to sumo somehow….

Precap: – shraman rain dance!!!!!!!!! Someone confesses someone!!!!!!!!!!!!

So guys how was the seventh episode….. so it’s a bye from sriya….love u all……take care….

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