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SHRAMAN: best friends or lovers ( episode 10)

Hey guys sriya here with 10th episode of my ff without your support and love this would not become possible now only 5 episodes are remaining to go…….! hope you guys like it too!

Episode 10
Recap: – sumo and shravan to tell this to their families…….!


They somehow come out from the room…….and go to home in early in the morning and go to sleep……..! they were sleeping like kumbhkarans……. then after sometime they woke up and they call each other and decide to tell this to matter to everyone together…..! so sumo says to her family to call shravan family for a dinner and she has to announce something important to both the families…..shravan family came for dinner to tiwari mansion……!

All were chit chatting and having dinner together…..
Shraman: – actually hum dono aap sab logo se kuch kehna chate hai
Both families: – yes tell what happened
Shraman: – woh hum dono ek dusre se bahot pyaar karte hai

Both families; – we both are happy for you guys we have no problem yeh toh bahot achi bata hai humesha kush rehna hai dono ek dusre ke liye bane ho!
Shraman hug each other in happiness….preekar intentionally cough to gain their attention and said arre tum dono sharam nahi aati pure ghar walo ke samne romance kar rahe ho chi chi shraman starts running after Preekar…….they both run in the whole house…..finally they get tired and burst out laughing……

Sumo and shravan family decided to call pandit ji tomorrow for muharat…….shraman were so much happy and excited…….!
The next day
Pandit ji comes both families were present in shravan house…..! they all welcome the pandit ji the pandit ji says aaje se ek week ke baad bahot acha muharata! Shraman get super duper happy listening to this……! all families agree they decide to start the preparations from that day only…..!

Precap: – shraman engagement ceremony!

So guys how was it so sorry if u think that I am ending soon but exams also there and I am I 7th standard it will become tougher for me to extend this ff more! Because my syllabus is increasing more exam by exam! So it’s a bye from sriya…..love u all……take care! But still I am extending this ff for you guys okay this ff will be of 20 episodes happy now…….not more than that and if u want when my main exams will over and summer vacations start I will give u season 2 if possible…….!

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