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She loved me? || EkDujeKeVaaste || 2-shot By Nikita

She loved me ??

Hey guys !!
Its me Nikita here with a two-shot… Please read and tell your reviews !!


“What” I said as I woke up in the middle of the night.. I wore my slippers, grabbed my keys , took my car and directly drove to the hospital.. I was mad at her, I did not wanna talk to her, but the news she gave, made me hurry my way to her.

I reached the hospital.. I saw Manju mami there, wiping and consoling Preeti..

I went to her, sat on my knees.

“Sab kuch theek ho jayega..” I said..

“Kaise Shravan? Udhar Anuj bimaar hai, yaha babuji, aur upar se Preeti ki shaadi.. Kaise theek hoga sab kuch?” She replied wiping her tears..

“Mei karunga sab theek,Sumo karegi sab kuch theek” Shravan said with confidence in her eyes..

“Suman? Woh toh khud ro rahi hai andar.. Hum sab ko kaise sambhalegi?? Tum millo usse beta..” Manju said.

I went in.. Hesitantly… I was mad at her, she had changed..!! She accepted PCT from that Aditya.. There were many reasonss..

I looked at her.. No matter how I was mad at her, I broke that time.. Those thick tears that dropped from those innocent eyes… I sat beside her..
She looked into my eyes and then continued crying.. Those tears.. I hated those..

“Sumo..please mat ro” I said assuring her..

“Shravan…..” She said crying..

I hugged her… I could not see her like that.. No matter what she did, I can never resist staying angry with her when she’s crying..

Next morning..

I woke up to find my self in the hospital, sitting in Nanu’s room.. I looked around and saw Sumo sleeping by resting her head on my shoulder… I smiled at her.. The tears had frozen on her face… It was like she cried all night.. I wiped her cheeks with my thumb

“Why’s she so different when she’s awake? Why does she ignore me and give that extra attention to Aditya? Why’s she ignoring me?
I did notice, it’s not the marriage tension, nor its Nanu, cause whenever she’s been mad, or frustrated, she always came to me.. So the marriage frustration is not the thing, nor its Nanu, because Nanu was perfectly fine that time.. Something took place the night that I called her to confess my love.. She’s been different since then.. This is NOT MY SUMO.. And I know it.. I’ve seen those innocent eyes of her’s searching for me..I’ve seen the pain in her eyes when she tries to ignore me.. I don’t know, but somewhere deep down, I believe that “S” that’s craved in her hand , I heard her saying that the “S” is for Sumo, but I think that its for Shravan.. I don’t know”

I was interrupted by my thoughts when she woke up.. The doctor entered, and said that Nanu could be discharged.

We took Nanu home..

A few days later…

I went to Tiwari Killa, I saw her working and shouting at everyone to work properly.. That stupid Aditya followed her like a tail everywhere..

She came to me asked if I wanted anything..my mind said “YOU” but my words clearly justified that I came to meet Nanu..
I went upstairs.. He was resting there.. Sumo came up with two cups of tea, and like I said, that Aditya followed.. Sumo served me and Nanu tea.. She noticed Aditya, and she excused herself to get a cup of tea for Aditya.. I excused myself.. I could not control it.. I had to ask her why was she behaving weirdly.. I had to ask her why she accepted PCT from Aditya..

I moved out.. I saw her, her hair tied in a messy bun, with a few hairs coming on her face.. Those eyes, that face.. The simplicity, the charm she carried in herself, that’s her.. That’s my SUMO.. I held her hand, turned off the gas, pulled her inside her room and latched the door.. She wanted to ask me, but the looks I gave her, she stood shut.. She knew that I never liked to hear anything, but just speak and get replies when I gave those looks..

“What’s wrong with you?” These were the first words that uttered out of my mouth..

“What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you? Ye kya kar rahe ho?” She replies with equal confidence..

“Ye ab kyu kar rahi ho? Why are you ignoring me?”

“Shravan.. Tumhare sawalon ke koi jawab nahi hai mere paass”

“Jawab nahi hai, ya dena nahi chahti?”

“Nahi dena chahti bas? Ab khush??”

“Kyu? Uss Aditya ke lie chai banani hai?” I said, motioning towards her, she kept going back, and finally stopped when she couldn’t move anymore backward, as there was a wall.. I was happy.. Cause now she couldn’t run away.. And I wanted my answers..

“Kyu kar rahi ho tum aisa? Why did you accept the PCT from him? I asked you a hundred times, leave alone ask, I almost begged you to accept PCT.. But you did not take it from me..then why him? Yahi rishta reh gaya hai hamara?

She took a deep breath closing her eyes.. Preparing an answer…

“Shravan.. What you did was throw money and PCT papers on my face.. And Aditya ne mujhe business deal dilwayi hai.. Woh mujhe sirf investors se mila raha hai.. Woh mujhe tumhari tarah mere muh pe paise nahi fek raha hai”

“Okay.. Then what about me? Why are you ignoring me?”

She hugged me tight…. Her arms wrapped around my back.. I was surprised at this action of her’s.. Without thinking my arms were wrapped around her body.. I loved her.. And I couldn’t take it anymore..

I asked her, without breaking the hug..”Why were you ignoring me?”

She replied sadly
“There’s a reason Shravan.. And woh reason mei tumhe batana chahti hu, but mei bataungi toh tum mujhe chodke chale jaoge…”

“Tell me the reason !! ”

“Its your dad”

I was shocked, I removed my hands, looked at her…. I looked at her in anger and left that spot… I could feel her sitting, her hand wrapped around her knees and crying…


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