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She loved me? || EkDujeKeVaaste || 2-shot By Nikita part 2

Hey guys !! Thank you for the love and support.. So here’s part 2.. I hope you understood that this shot is in Shravan’s POV
Why does she do that? Why does she think that my father’s bad? Last time also this happened… She blamed my father saying, that it wasn’t that Nirmala Ahuja, but my dad who was wrong !!

I wiped my tears and drove home..


I went into Dad’s room..

“Aapne sumo se kuch kaha hai kya?” I asked with hope of the answer NO..

He did not respond.. Why did I feel that he was searching for answers? Why did I feel that he’s trying to make a fake story in mind?

I repeated my question..

The reply was NO… I was happy.. I went into my room.. Why I felt that he lied? Why do I feel that my Sumo can never do that??

With that question I slept…

Next day, I woke up due to sunlight falling on my face..

The question was still in my mind.. “Was Sumo right? Is it really my dad?” …

No, it can’t be my dad, he always supported me… But so did Sumo.. She was there with me since childhood.. She did insult me, but I did the same at the reunion.. And we both were really sorry for it.. Who is wrong?

I went to TiwariKilla.. Not to meet Sumo, but Preeti.. I had to deliever Pushkar’s words.. Love Birds they are!! the moment “Love Birds” came to my mind, Sumo’s face flashed in front of me.. I dismissed it and reached Tiwari Killa

I rang the doorbell and masi opened it. I greeted her and entered… I saw Preeti shouting “Suman di”

Everyone kept asking “Kya hua” but she firmly said that she’d only talk to Sumo…

Just then Sumo entered..

“Kya hai..? Kyu chilla rahi ho” she exclaimed.. She never noticed me.. That’s what happens everytime.. The only GUY she notices is Aditya.. But she cleared that yesterday…

(Yea, in this shravan did not break all bonds)

“Di.. Aapki shaadi ho rahi hai” she exclaimed..

I was shocked so was she…

“What??” Sumo exclaimed

“Aapki shadi nai ho rahi hai na! Toh phir aap itna tension kyu le rahe ho? Relax” she said

I gave a sigh of relief… So did she.. Love Birds u both are, my heart said…

“Meri Pretty Preeti .. Tension to lena padega na.. Tere baad kiski shaadi karaungi mei??”
She said chubbily..

“Bohot log hai di.. Umm..” She looked at me and exclaimed “Shravan ki! Aap..Shravan ki shaadi karwaoge naaa??”

Sumo noticed me finally… Sumo will get me married? No !

She looked at me, then walked back to her room.. Everyone got back to their work.. I told Pushkar’s words to Preeti and then went up to see Nanu…

“Arre.. Shravan.. Aao..” He said sitting straight.. I helped him and kept a pillow near his head…

“Kaise hai aap? ” I asked him..

” Kaise thik ho sakta hu? Jab woh puri raat ro rahi thi” he replied sadly..

“Kaun ro raha tha nanaji?” I asked hoping it wasn’t her..( I hope you know who’s HER here)

“Suman..” He said…

“Kyu??” I asksed

He told me that she wanted to tell me the truth but I left..

What truth? What promise was she talking about? I got up, and went to her room… She was talking to someone on the phone…

I went in…

“Shravan” were the first words that came out of her mouth…

I asked her about what she wanted to say.. She said nevermind, and added that I won’t accept it even if it was the truth..

“Tell me the truth god damn it!’ I exclaimed.. I could not take it any further..

She told me the truth of Nirmala Ahuja..

I stood there in shock… I was in tears.. The woman I hated my whole life, was correct..
The dad, I thought who was correct, was wrong…

She kept shouting “Shravan” but I just stood there numb.. I had lost words.. I had lost everything.. It wasn’t MOM, it was my dad..

I just hugged Sumo.. She did not… I asked her what’s wrong.. She told me, there was one more thing that was important for me to know…

She then told me the reason why she was ignoring me.. She told me about the promise she had made to dad.. I joined the pieces together.. That’s when I realized.. Dad used to b***c about Sumo to me.. But it wasn’t him, it was Sumo who was correct… And when I told her I loved her, he was stunned.. He gave me the permission to confess, but made Sumo stand in a position where she had the only option to ignore me..

I was angry, not at him, but at her…

“If you knew that he was so bad, then why did you not just break the promise?” I asked her..

“Because I knew, no matter what he had done, he was a great dad to you.. He brought you up after Nirmala aunty, and he gave you the best values he could, and he educated you, fed you, took care of you..No matter what he did, he was a great father to you Shravan! And no matter what I try, I nor you could ever deny this fact!” She said..

It was like heaven, this girl, who sacrificed her love, her self-respect, her best friend, just for a man who took care of me?
I fell in love with her all the way more now..I hugged her, and this time, she hugged me back…
“One more thing!” She exclaimed..

She showed the “S” and said that the “S” does not stand for Suman or Sumo..

I said it stands for Shravan

She denied the fact..

She said that it stood for Shravan ki Sumo and Sumo ka Shravan…

I took her hand and kissed the “S”

I hugged her and she hugged me back..

———THE END—–

Okay,so my next part that is part 26 will be posted on Sunday or Monday! Till then keep waiting, and do share your reviews about it!

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