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She and Her Kidnapper (11)

“Where were you for these two days? ” I asked to Rabeeh who was sitting beside me watching sponge bob.

“I was in hospital for my surgery. Abeer told my doctor that he will arrange money for my operation but he couldn’t. ” the 13 year old boy said. But he wasn’t sad that his brother couldn’t arrange money for bis surgery.


“So you came back? ”

“Yeah” Rabeeh said revealing his dimples.

It means Abeer came to my house to steal money. Then what was he doing in my room?I need to talk to him.

After Rabeeh slept I decided to talk to Abeer. He was doing the dishes.

“Abeer? ”

“Hmm? ” he said without looking back at me.  

“I wanna talk to you.”

Why he is not looking back?

“Talk.” He said coldly

“Huh?” Bipolar

“I said talk” he said looking at me.

“We will talk when you become free.” I said going to my room. Don’t look at me like this. Now it is my room.


She wanted to talk to me.I know it may be about that kiss or her engagement with that Imran guy. Whatever!  I went to my room which she made her in two days.

She was in balcony. I went to her and stood beside her.

“What you wanna talk about? ” I looked at her hazel eyes.

“Why did you come to my house that day?”

Huh? Why she is asking this now?

“Why are you asking this?” I questioned her back.

“You came to steel my father’s money.right?” She asked without any emotion in her face.

“Zahra, what’s the need to talk about this. You very well know that I didn’t steel anything from your house.” I shouted at her.

“That’s my question, Abeer. Why didn’t you? ” she sighed “you came to steel money for Rabeeh’s treatment but you didn’t take money from my house. Why?”

“How do you know ?” I was angry because I don’t want anyone to know that I am trying hard to collect money for my brother’s treatment.

Is she anyone to you?” My heart asked sarcastically.

“Rabeeh told me that you promised his doctor that you will arrange the money for his treatment but you couldn’t. ”

“Did he complained?” I was broken that what if my brother hates me?

“No.he didn’t. That kid still loves you Abeer. He wasn’t sad or even mad at you.” She said going back to our room.

I grabbed her forearm and made her face me. “But why are you mad at me?”

“Because you got a golden chance to take the money from my house and do Rabeeh’s treatment. But you didn’t.  All you could do  was coming to my room and kidnap me.” She pushed my hand away and wore her hoody.

“It was a mistake. I was going to your parents room.” I lied.

” you only do mistakes with me.” She mumbled under her breathe but enough to hear me.

“Where are you going? ” I asked when she wore her converse.

“You are too coming. ” she said throwing my black jacket to me.

“Where? ” I was surprised at her sudden action.

“To my house. ”


“For what you left before. ” she saif walking in to downstairs.


I decided that we will go to my house and take money from my dad’s locker. He has loads of money. If Rabeeh get his treatment on time then he can walk like others. And the boy deserve to be like normal.

I don’t know how Rabeeh and Abeer connected. But their relation was so strong that Rabeeh wasn’t mad at Abeer for not arranging money for his treatment. He understands Abeer well.

I want to help Rabeeh not Abeer. Whatever I am doing now is for Rabeeh. I never had a brother. Only I had a worst step brother who taunts me for his mom.

The memory of my childhood was scary. There wasn’t a single person who cares for me. Yes there was my friends Adam, Abeer and Mishal. Only they cared for me. When we changed our house, I lost everyone who cares for me. I was all alone in that big house.

“Why are you doing this? I don’t want anyone to pity on me.” I startled when I heared his voice. I composed myself.

“I am doing this for Rabeeh. Not for you. I don’t pity you Abeer. ” I said giving a disgusting face.

He thinks me as ‘anyone’.

“You don’t have to.he is my brother not yours.” His voice was so cold. Tears formed to spill but I hold it back.

“He is not your own brother still you care for him.then why can’t I? I want him to walk like us.”

“He is my own brother, Zahra. ” Abeer shouted at me. I flinched.

Why he is behaving like this?

I didn’t tell anything.  I just stare at him. After two minutes he calmed himself.

“Look Zahra. I don’t want sympathy from you. I can arrange money. I don’t need your help.” He said throwing his jacket on the sofa.

“You are becoming selfish.  You are not thinking about Rabeeh. And I am not offering you money. I am telling you to steel my father’s money even it is wrong.” I coughed because of the shouting.

He seated on the sofa. He didn’t utter a word for half an hour. He took his phone and dialled someone.

“Adam, can you come here right now?” When the words came out of his mouth I smiled in relief. 

He agreed.


I stopped the bike in front of her home.she jumped from my bike and went straight to the main gate.

Oh no! She will ruin the plan.

I rushed to her and grabbed her by her hoody. 

“We are here to steal something, not to see your dad in the midnight” I reminded her why we are here.

She bites her tongue and said “sorry”

 “When will your brain start to work, crazy woman?” I slapped slightly on her head.

“Don’t call me that” as she said, she kicked my leg.

Oh God! I forgot sometimes this crazy woman becomes violent. 

“Auch” I winced in pain.

“Is it paining?” She asked im concern

“No!! It is just like some beauty kissed on my leg” I fumed

“Okey, I am sorry for that.forget about it” she paused for a while. 

Wah crazy woman you kicked my leg and saying forget about it!.

I opened my mouth to say what exactly my mind said but she again said

“Let’s start our mission ATM ” 

I forgot about the mission. Because of the girl I am forgetting everything .We went to the backside of her home.

“We should have to jump this wall” I said pointing the big wall.

“Okey.” She did a little exercise before starting. 

“I am lifting you first” as I said I put my hands either side of her waist.She removed my hand from her waist and said

“no, I will jump the wall.I can jump” 

I know she can jump.but only from bed and my bike !! :

“Okey” I left her and jumped on the wall.

I sat on the wall and watched her ‘struggle’She tried to jump two three times but she couldn’t. I laughed at her actions. She looked at me embarrassed. 

“I think this wall grew a little when I wasn’t here” she tried to hide her emberassment.I chuckled at her childish behavior and forwarded my hand to her.   


See you in next chapter. .take care.love you ♥♥

♥Crazy Ruby♥

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