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Shakti 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Harman telling Maninder to give blood to Soumya as his blood group matched with that of Soumya’s blood and says her condition is very weak. Maninder refuses to give blood. Harman says she is critical. Maninder says I will ask someone to give blood , while Harak Singh tries to stop him and says she is your daughter. Surbhi makes an excuse that Maninder have high BP sometimes and that’s why he is worried for Soumya. Harak Singh says Doctor would have tell that and asks Maninder to give blood. Surbhi also asks him. Harak Singh takes Maninder inside and asks him to save Soumya. Shakti song plays………………….Maninder is sitting on the hospital bed and recalls ill treating Soumya since childhood, and Surbhi telling him that one day he has to accept that Soumya is his daughter.

 He thinks she is not my daughter. He lies down on the bed to give blood and recalls all the moments. Nimmi looks on. Harak Singh tells Preeto that Doctor is treating Soumya. Harman asks them to go home and says he will be with Soumya. Preeto refuses to go, but Harman insists them to go home. Harak Singh agrees and offers to drop Nimmi, Maninder and Surbhi home. Nimmi thanks him and says we will stay here. Surbhi also says the same. Harak Singh says okay and goes. Nimmi cries. Surbhi asks her not to cry. Harman comes to her and asks if she is crying for his wife or for not having tea. He says I don’t do ardaas/pray, but I know positive wibes comes when having tea. He goes to bring tea. Nurse asks Surbhi to bring medicine. Surbhi goes. Nimmi sees Saya coming. She asks do you want everyone to take her life, and asks her to send her with her. Surbhi comes and says Soumya will not go anywhere, not today, tomorrow or ever. She says I am her protective shield now, and you people have to face me to reach her. Saya says you are eclipse for her. Surbhi asks her never to think of taking Soumya and asks her to leave, else she will call security. Saya tells Nimmi that Surbhi is a kid and leaves decision on Nimmi.

Later Nimmi, Harman and Surbhi are standing infront of Soumya. Nimmi asks her to open her eyes. Soumya opens her eyes and recalls Saya and Nimmi’s words that she is a Kinnar…..A fb is shown. She turns her face. Harman says I am sorry Gulabo…I know I am very bad, and says I said sorry many times when you was unconscious…He promises never to shout on her and asks her never to cut her wrist again. He asks did you forgive me? Soumya turns her face and cries. Nimmi tells Harman that Soumya couldn’t speak as she just now gained consciousness, and asks him to give sometime. Harman goes out. Nimmi puts her loving hand on her head…Soumya recalls Nimmi and Maninder’s fight in her childhood. She recalls Nimmi asking for divorce from Maninder.

Soumya says because of me, your and Papa’s relation is so bitter and you both are far. She tells I do not belong to this world and asks why did you keep me alive. Nimmi says you are my blood, and if you are not from this world then I am also don’t belong to this world. Soumya says I can’t become a bahu and wife….She recalls Saya’s words that Harman will kick her out knowing the truth, and recalls her marriage. She says why did you get me married to Harman knowing that I can’t give him wife’s love. She cries asking the same question, and says I don’t need anyone. Surbhi says what is Mummy’s mistake. She says she has always saved you, and says she was afraid. Soumya asks what was the fear to send me to my world. She says I am not like you people, and doesn’t belong to this world. She says you would have killed me after I was born. She asks what I will do now.

Nimmi and Soumya come to her room. Soumya shows the decorated bed which Harman decorated for her and asks what shall I give to Harman inexchange of his love. Harman comes and asks her to just give him love. Soumya looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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