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Shakti 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Saya sitting at Soumya’s bed side while the latter is still unconscious, and says when you was a child, your mum used to tell you that I am chudail and will harm you, but I used to come to save you from this world. She says I am like your mum and you are my daughter. Harman requests Nurse that he wants to see his wife. Nurse refuses. Harak Singh asks her to let him allow once to see Soumya. Nurse allows him, and asks him not to make any disturbance. Saya tells Soumya that life doesn’t end here, and says I will give you a new life. She says you are lucky to have a mum like Nimmi, who took care of you and fought for you, but now she has to leave you. Harman and Harak Singh are coming towards the ICU. Saya says these people will not let you live and that’s why I will take you to my world. Harman and Harak Singh enters the ward, and looks on.


They see Soumya still unconsciously lying on bed. Both of them sit down. Harak Singh asks Soumya not to feel bad of Harman’s words and says I will beat him if you want. He says it is wrong to cut wrist and says get well soon, you are the loop to connect the family, asks her to come home soon. Harman looks at her silently….Harak Singh goes out. Harman turns to look at her…..Tera Ishq Hai Meri Ibadat plays………….He comes and sits at her bedside….holds her hand. He tells that he came to know what is love only after meeting her, but he couldn’t understand that heart can’t be won by force. He says I am sorry Gulabo, and kisses on her hand…He promises never to shout at her, or force her for anything and says please come back home soon. I will ready to get whatever punishment you give me. He goes out. Saya is hiding there and thinks these people are growing affection towards her, and thinks to take Soumya from there now itself, then thinks she can’t take her now as she has promised Nimmi.

Nurse comes and tells that Nimmi’s blood haven’t matched with that of Soumya’s blood. Surbhi says I will give blood and asks her to test. Everyone get ready to get test done for blood group identification. Harak Singh says if Nimmi’s blood haven’t match then Maninder’s blood might blood. Maninder says why not. He goes for the test. Nimmi tells Beeji that she will sit in the temple. Maninder thinks what is this new drama and shares with Bebe. Preeto comes. Maninder asks her, why did Soumya committed suicide and says she has never done this. Preeto says since this marriage happened, something or the other happens. She tells your wife came home and asked about Soumya’s nani report. She says when I saw her nani, she is looking fine. Maninder thinks Surbhi and Nimmi haven’t told me anything.

Beeji tells Preeto that Nimmi was about to take her mum to doctor for her leg pain, and that’s why came to your home. Maninder says yes, and makes a story that Nimmi cares much about her mum. Preeto says I will ask my husband to give address about a good doctor and says it is not good to travel from one village to another in night, have to take care. Maninder says yes. Nimmi and Bebe prays for Soumya. Harman also join them and pray for Soumya. He apologizes to Nimmi and says I have promised you that I will take care of Soumya all life, but couldn’t keep up the promise. He apologizes again. Nimmi says you didn’t do any mistake. Preeto comes and asks him not to blame himself and says whatever khichdi cooks between mum and daughter, but my son have to suffer. She says I have full trust on my upbringing and asks him to ask Soumya what was the reason for her attempt, once she gains consciousness.

Maninder calls Surbhi and says I know you are angry with me. Surbhi says I am not angry, but pain. She says I got only happiness, but Soumya got only pain…She says she is not like us, what is her mistake in this. She is your daughter, but you tried to kill her. Maninder is angry and asks Nimmi if she poisoned her mind. Nimmi says I didn’t do anything and says Surbhi have grown up now and knows what is right or wrong. Maninder asks Surbhi, why did you take her to hospital and says anyone would want to die knowing this truth. Surbhi says Soumya is your daughter. Maninder says she is not my daughter. Surbhi says you have relation with her, and have to accept one day. Maninder says she is not my daughter, I can’t bear this drama anymore, I am leaving from there. Doctor comes out and says Soumya’s BP and pulse is dropping and says we have to get the blood fast. He says thankfully Maninder Singh blood matched with that of Soumya. Harak Singh says this is blood relation. Harman asks Maninder Singh to give blood and save Soumya. Maninder refuses to give.

Saya tells Nimmi that the family will take Soumya’s life knowing her kinnar truth and asks her to send her with her. Nimmi is shocked. Surbhi comes and says Soumya will not go anywhere, not today, tomorrow or any day. She says I will become her strength and will stand with her, she is not alone. Saya is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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