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Shakti 5th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 5th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Nimmi and Surbhi coming back to Soumya’s house and ask her to open the door. Nimmi says we will talk. Harman comes back home and thinks they left the door open, and thinks they might have thought about his wedding night, and says Gulabo….. wait is over. He comes to his room and sees Nimmi and Surbhi outside his room. Harman asks what happened? If there is any problem? Nimmi thinks about informing her that her kinnar’s identity and tells Harman that Soumya got angry about something. Harman thinks his destiny is bad. He tells Nimmi that he will see and asks Gulabo to open the door. He gets tensed and asks are you fine? He knocks on the door repeatedly. Everyone gather there. Harman asks him to open the door. Preeto asks why did she close the door? Harak Singh asks him to close the door. Preeto says since this marriage happened, every night some drama happens. Harak Singh asks him to break the door. Harman breaks the door and finds Soumya lying in a pool of blood and her wrist slit.


Everyone is shocked. Harman ties cloth on her wrist fast. Harak Singh says take her to hospital immediately. Chacha tells Harak Singh that he will bring his car. Raavi and Chachi are doubtful about Soumya’s doings. Preeto says don’t know which black reflection fell on my house. Saya hears them and says I don’t let anything happen to her. Harak Singh takes out money and says he is going to hospital as Soumya is unwell. Nimmi says she didn’t like this girl from day 1. Harak Singh says she is our bahu rani and asks her to come with him, and not utter anything. Raavi asks Preeto, what was the reason to cut the wrist? If anything happened between Harman and Soumya, or Nimmi or Surbhi said her something.

Chachi asks Chacha to get some money from Harak Singh on the pretext of keeping it for hospital use and says she will do shopping. Chacha scolds her and says Soumya is in hospital. He asks Preeto to come. She says okay. Nimmi asks Harman what doctor said. Harman says she is still unconscious. Doctor comes out and says wound is deeper. Varun asks did you inform at home. Nimmi asks Surbhi to call Nani and tell her. She tells Surbhi what if doctor found about her truth. Surbhi asks her not to worry and says the wound is on her wrist. She calls Nani and cries. Nani asks what happened?

Surbhi tells her that Soumya came to know everything about her truth and slit her wrist. Nani cries badly. Surbhi says Soumya is in critical condition. Nani says she will come there. Maninder and Beeji get happy and think Soumya will die. Nimmi asks Surbhi to take her to temple. Surbhi asks Varun to call them when Soumya gains consciousness. Harman blames himself and thinks Soumya have taken this step as he tried to get closer to her. Varun says you are her husband……Harman says but I tried to get close when she refused, that’s why she has taken this step. He says Soumya loves me though. Varun says matter is something else, Bhabhi will not have done this because of you. Nimmi talks to God and tells that she has been her strong support since childhood and has protected her till now. She says I have become guilty in my daughter’s eyes and thinks what she might be going through knowing the truth. She asks God to give her strength to stand on her feet.

Saya comes there and thinks people insults them and think of them as inauspicious. She says you are one among them and says you are now my daughter Soumya. Doctor tells Harman that Soumya is critical as she has suffered much blood loss. They need O negative blood which is rare. Harman asks him to take his blood, but save Soumya. Preeto asks Doctor to test everyone’s blood and take matching blood.

Doctor tells that Maninder Singh’s blood matched with Soumya’s blood group. Harman asks Maninder to give blood to Soumya, but he refuses flatly shocking everyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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