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Shakti 4th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 4th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Surbhi asking Nimmi, how can this be possible? How can she be Kinnar? Nimmi cries and asks her to recall all the incidents since their childhood incidents, and tells about giving kataar/knife to Soumya, chudail kidnapping her, Nimmi tying her with dupatta always, Maninder’s anger seeing her, prohibiting her from going out…She says your didi is Kinnar. Surbhi asks Nimmi to come and says I know where is she? Saya tells Soumya that they have incomplete place in men and women’s world, and have no place for them. She asks her to come along with them. Soumya is shocked and teary eyes, and says no….calls Harman. Saya tells her that the day Harman comes to know about your truth, he will kick you out of house. Soumya says no. She looks at all the kinnars and says I am a girl, like


my mum and choti. She says I am not like yours. Nimmi and Surbhi reach temple and see Saya holding Soumya’s hand. Nimmi shouts Somu. She brushes off Saya’s hand and looks angrily. Soumya hides behind Nimmi.

Saya tells Soumya, you don’t trust me but your mum naa. She asks her to ask Nimmi. She asks Nimmi to tell truth to her daughter. Soumya asks who are they and what they are saying? She says I am getting scared maa. Nimmi asks her to come with her and don’t listen to them. Saya asks Nimmi, until when you will run from truth and gives Soumya’s promise asking her to tell her truth to her, else her lie will take her life. Nimmi asks Soumya to come with her. Soumya asks Nimmi what they are telling? She said that Harman will leave me, I am not part of this society. She says why these people are saying that I am like one of them. Nimmi cries.

Soumya asks do I have some defect? She holds her hand and says whatever world you showed me, I have accepted. I have always obeyed you. She says they are raising fingers on your upbringing and questioning on my identity. She asks who am I? If I have any defect? She shouts and asks her to tell, gives her promise. Surbhi is shocked. Nimmi cries and says you are my blood, life, shakti/strength, but there is a bitter truth that you are a Kinnar….Soumya is shocked and shattered. Saya looks on. Nimmi and Surbhi cries. Saya smiles and keeps hand on Soumya’s shoulder. She says your mum stood by you as your shakti and have fought with the society and us since 21 years, but until when this will go on. She says if your truth was exposed in your sasural then what you would have to suffer is beyond your imagination. She says I will take you to our world, where everyone will love you. She asks Soumya to come with them, and says your life will get better.

Nimmi asks Soumya not to come in her talks. She tells Saya that you said that you will not even touch her for 21 days, and asks why you have taken back your words. Saya says if Harak Singh comes to know about her truth then he will cut her and throw. She says you wanted to make her bride, and have sasural and you have done. She says who can’t become wife and give birth is called kalang.

Surbhi says she is my sister and happiness. Nimmi says I am her mum and will take care of her. She tells about their 21 days challenge and asks Saya why did you come now. Saya leaves Soumya’s hand…..Shakti song plays………..Nimmi says we have decided that if she is thrown out of her sasural then only you will come. Saya looks on. Nimmi asks Surbhi to take Soumya with her before her sasural people came to know that she is not at home. Soumya is in shock and recalls Saya and Nimmi’s words. She runs from there. Surbhi and Nimmi follow her. Soumya comes back to Harak Singh’s house and locks herself in her room. She recalls all the childhood incidents and a fb is shown. She recalls Maninder ill treating her, Saya kidnapping her, and telling her about the other world which is meant for her. She recalls her marriage with Harman and holds her mangalsutra and sindoor. She again recalls Saya telling that she is one among them.

Harman asks Soumya to open the door. Everyone gather outside his room. Harak Singh asks him to break the door. Harman breaks open the door and finds Soumya lying unconscious after cutting her wrist. Nimmi, Surbhi, Harman and others are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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