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Shakti 29th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 29th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Varun stopping his car while returning and is angry as Maninder refused for the proposal. He thinks they have rejected me. He then thinks if Harak Singh wants, then I can marry Surbhi, but he will think about my marriage with Surbhi. He thinks Surbhi is the ladder to his happiness and thinks he will fight with Surbhi’s family and his destiny to get her, as he wants to ruin Harak Singh family. Preeto calls Soumya and says girls of your age knows so much. She says you are wearing same saree since morning, and asks her to dress up nicely in the evening to attract her husband. She gives her saree to Soumya and asks her to wear it. Soumya says shall I wear tomorrow as Harman is tired and need to sleep early. Preeto says it is wife’s duty to attract husband and asks her to go and change


saree in her room. Soumya goes to changing room and closes the door. Preeto asks Soumya if she needs any help. Soumya says blouse buttons is not closing. Preeto asks her to come out and says I will tie it. She thinks Soumya couldn’t wear this tight blouse for long time and will ask Harman’s help. She thinks if Harman helps her then my doubt will be clear. She thinks if Harman is clever then she is his mum. Soumya comes to room and sees Harman sleeping. She thinks it is good that he slept.

Soumya finds the blouse very tight, but lies down on the bed to sleep. She couldn’t get sleep and gets up. She thinks blouse will not open because it have many buttons. She thinks what to do? If she shall wake up Harman, then thinks he will get angry and decides to try herself. She couldn’t open it, misses Surbhi. Surbhi couldn’t sleep and gets up from bed. She goes near window and thinks about Nimmi’s words. She thinks Maninder fixing her alliance. She sees her pic with Soumya and Nimmi, and says I have promised you that I will support you all your life and will not marry until your life becomes good. She thinks why I am missing you today as if you are missing me. Soumya thinks to call Surbhi.

Surbhi thinks she can’t call Soumya as she is not having phone. She thinks she can’t call Harman at this time to talk to her, and thinks she should have gifted her phone. Soumya thinks to call from Harman’s phone, then thinks she will ask him tomorrow and call. Harak Singh wakes up and asks Preeto why you are awake. Preeto says she is waiting for morning. Harak Singh asks her to give flying kiss. Preeto gives it. Harak Singh gets happy and sleeps. Soumya is restless in her room. Soumya calls Harman…Harman wakes up and asks what happened Gulabo. Soumya tells that she couldn’t sleep in tight blouse and asks him to open buttons. Harman readily agrees. Soumya looks on as it was her imagination. Soumya calls Harman. Harman asks why you are shouting like alarm. Soumya tells him that her blouse is tight, and she couldn’t reach to the buttons to open. She says I couldn’t sleep. Harman asks blouse buttons, have you gone mad, go and sleep. He asks can’t you hear at once, and asks her to go and sleep . Soumya sits on bed and thinks if I was a woman then everything would have been different. She says I am made for rejection and insult, I have to get habitual to all this. Preeto is also restless in her room. Soumya couldn’t sleep and looks at Harman. She checks the clock as it strikes 2. Preeto comes outside Harman’s room, then goes back to her room again. Soumya and Preeto are both restless.

Next morning, Preeto eyes Harman’s room and is restless. Harak Singh tells her that she is still restless. Preeto says nothing. Varun comes home. Preeto asks where was you? Varun says I was stuck in rain. Harak Singh says you are coming from Munni Bai’s kotha….and asks him to go and drink lemon water. Raavi says he is also doing her Harman. Preeto sees Harman coming and asks him to come fast. She asks him to bring headache medicine for her and says she is having much pain in head. Harman says okay, and asks her to get head massage from Sindhu till then. Preeto comes to Harman’s room, and sees Soumya in washroom. She thinks Harman must have helped her in opening blouse.

Preeto finds blouse on bed and is about to pick it. Just then Soumya comes and looks on surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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