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Shakti 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Soumya teaching stitching to Sindhu and asks her to try and stitch. Harak Singh comes home and tells Raavi that court hearing is tomorrow, and they will get child. Raavi gets happy and goes to thank God. Soumya hears them and asks Sindhu. Sindhu tells them that they were talking about Raavi’s baby who stays with her father, and says they are fighting case for his custody. Soumya thinks how she is staying without her child. Nimmi tells Surbhi about her childhood incident and asks her to marry. Surbhi asks who will support di, if I get married. Nimmi says relations don’t break after marriage. Surbhi asks how many times did you meet your siblings after marriage. She refuses to marry. Nimmi tells that although Maninder is a bad guy, but he loves her a lot and will not think anything


wrong about her. She says I have risked my life for Soumya, but will not let you ruin your life.

Harman is coming to his room and asks who has pour water here. Preeto says she will get water drained and goes. Soumya asks him to come and says she will apply ointment on his wound. Harman asks her not to care for his pain and asks her to clean water from floor. Preeto hears them and thinks why Harman is angry at Soumya. She thinks to find out. Varun calls Surbhi’s no. and Bebe picks the call. Varun stays silent and ends the call. Bebe asks him to say and asks who is this? She says once she gets married, all blank calls will end. Varun thinks his life will get wasted because of blank calls.

Soumya comes to Preeto and asks did I have to make something else in food. Preeto asks if I will call you for work only and shows her perfume. Soumya says smell is good. She goes. Preeto thinks this perfume will make me find about their relation. Soumya comes back to room. Harman asks where did you go? Soumya says Preeto called me to apply perfume. Harman says so late at night…He thinks Preeto has different likings. He asks her to switch off lights and goes to sleep.

In the morning, Soumya takes Harman’s dirty clothes for washing. Raavi asks Preeto what is her plan? Soumya comes downstairs. Preeto tells I will keep his clothes. Harman comes out from washroom and looks for his shirt. Soumya says I will wash his clothes separately, and asks them to give their clothes. Preeto asks if you want to make my son stranger to me and says this is my right. Harman comes out, hears them. He thinks why did Preeto insisting to wash my clothes when we have servant and washing machine. Preeto asks Soumya to give last night clothes. Harman asks her to come and give his clothes. Soumya goes.

Maninder calls marriage broken and tells him that Surbhi is ready for marriage. Marriage broker agrees and says he will talk to the family. Nimmi and Bebe come there. Maninder asks Nimmi to make Surbhi understand. Nimmi asks him not to worry.

Soumya comes to Harman. Harman asks where is your last night saree. She gives it. Harman checks and returns it back. Soumya asks why did you call me? Harman says it is politics, which you will not understand. He asks her to go and give clothes to Soumya. Preeto smells Harman’s clothes and tells Raavi that if anything had happened between them then smell should have come. Harman comes downstairs, thinks I am their father and will think to give a good answer. Preeto tells Raavi that smell is not coming.

Soumya tells Harman that he should talk to Harak Singh and Preeto and save Raavi’s marriage. Harman says when there is nothing left in relation then it ends, and asks her not to interfere in their family matters, says you are in this house because I am quiet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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