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Shakti 24th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Part 1 will be added in sometime.


Raavi asks Preeto to come with her and says I want to show you something. Preeto says I don’t want to see anything. Raavi says I know you will not trust me and that’s why I brought proofs with me. She shows the recording in which Harman vent out his anger on Soumya. She asks Preeto to come with her and says Harman is very angry. She takes Preeto out and sees Harman and Soumya missing. Preeto asks her to learn cooking rather than spying on others. Raavi asks them to come with her. She takes her to Harman and Soumya’s room. Harman asks Soumya to tell, leave me please. Soumya repeats the word. Harman asks her to tell that she is feeling shy. Harman says I will switch off the light if you are shying. Preeto and Raavi hears them. Preeto tells Raavi that

this is called love talks and asks her to stop spying on them. Raavi thinks this is not truth and thinks to find out.

Soumya asks Harman to switch on the lights. Harman tries to go near the switch box and collides with table. He says who had kept it here. Soumya says I never touches anything. Harman asks her not to touch. Soumya falls in his embrace….Tu Hi Mera Khuda Plays……….They have an eye lock. Harman says it is good that you have seen Raavi else she would have told everyone about our relation, and everyone would have known the truth. Soumya thanks him, for his support folding her hands. Harman looks on….

Marriage broker comes to Maninder house and says he will bring good alliance for Surbhi. He says your elder daughter is married in a rich house. Maninder says I want even more big family for my younger daughter. He says okay. Surbhi comes and says she has some conditions. She tells that she can’t cook food at her inlaws home and also her husband have to accept her boyfriends. Maninder asks what nonsense? Surbhi says my third condition is if my husband drinks wine at night then I will join him also. He asks marriage broker to find such guy for her. Marriage broker asks Maninder if his daughter is like this. Maninder scolds Surbhi. Surbhi is angry at Maninder. Maninder says I will not let you ruin your life and asks who will marry you if Soumya’s truth is out. Surbhi refuses to marry anyone under pressure. Maninder tells bebe that if she doesn’t want to marry then it is okay, and says I will drink poison and die, as I can’t see her life to get ruined.

Harman comes to have food. Soumya serves food to everyone. A little boy comes there and asks for paratha. His mum comes and says he is my son…and asks him to come. Soumya stops him and says you are hungry and wants food. She gives him hot parathas….and makes him eats it. She gives plate to his mum and asks her to feed child first even if she has to remain hungry. Preeto sees Soumya’s motherly side and says I am sure that you will become a good mum. She asks Harman, if she said right. Harman says why you are talking indirectly, and says I will get you a grand son from anywhere, but don’t pester me. Preeto wonders what does he mean? She thinks there is some siyappa between them and determines to find out.

Harman asks who has splashed water on floor…..Soumya asks him to come inside and says she will apply ointment. Harman asks her not to worry or care about him and goes. Preeto hears them and thinks why Harman is angry with Soumya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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