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Shakti 11th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 11th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Suomya says to Nimi and Surbhi that Harman has decorated each flower over this bed, and what must she return him with. Harman comes from behind saying love, of any and every kind, he only wants her love. He walks inside saying he is a bit crazy just like her, he thought about winning her heart by enforcing her to love; he forgot she is a bit different. He tells Nimi that he is unaware why she cut her wrist but he regrets not being able to fulfil his promise about taking care of her. He apologizes both Nimi and Suomya. Harak Singh calls Harman downstairs, Harman asks Suomya to stay here, and he would soon be upstairs. Suomya cries to Nimi that she can’t give him what he wants from her.
Bee ji asks Bua ji where Maninder is, Bua ji says he must have reached Suomya’s in laws a long time ago. Maninder


comes home drunk, Bee ji goes behind him. Maninder throws everything around in the room, Bee ji scolds him to drink during day even. Maninder breaks another vase in rage and opens a bottle to gulp, Bee ji slaps him if he will drink poison. Maninder curses himself as that girl didn’t leave him to show his face everywhere. Now he will have to give his own blood to save her. He cries felling on floor. Bua ji stood on the door crying, had he brought Suomya up as a daughter he would not be in such a condition today.
Varun comes across Surbhi when she was taking the milk and slip, he saves her. He suggests her make him a life partner, Surbhi argues that to be a life partner one has to be a man, not guy. He boasts about being a man, Surbhi looks behind him calling Preeto. He straightens up at once, Surbhi laughs at him. Varun was sure the girl who laughs at you will be entrapped by you one day.
Suomya cries in front of Nimi to take her away, Nimi says she has to stay here for 16 more days to save her life. Suomya wasn’t ready to lie to the people who loves her so much. Nimi tells her its not her mistake in whatever she is, she wants her to get all the rights that Surbhi has; she will fight for her tights till the end.
Harak Singh comes home, Harman wonders when this work union problems start in their factory did. Harak Singh scolds Veeran as the workers aren’t afraid of him at all. Their toys will be exported and they will have their company and country’s name engraved over them, and the workers only care about bonus. Varun calms Harak Singh down and asks about a party. Shonu thinks about an idea for the party. Harman takes a leave to meet his wife, as she has come back from hospital.
Nimi tells Suomya that there are kinners who want to take her in their world, where her father and grandmother wanted to send her. She reminds Suomya of the veiled lady in her Haldi, she came to take her along. She recall saving her from being kidnapped by them in childhood once as well; and the promise of kinner lady.
Preeto comes to take Harman for dinner, Harman hurries upstairs. Preeto stops him by holding his arm, Harman goes upstairs anyway saying he didn’t talk to his wife since she came back from hospital. Preeto was moved by his demand to leave his hand, and was curt at Suomya holding her responsible. She thinks that Suomya must be having an affair and that is the reason she cut her hands. She suspected something is wrong with the girl for sure and goes inside.
Surbhi brings milk for Suomya, she assures her to go somewhere away from this all after only 16 days. Suomya was worried how she will hide her truth from Harman, and questions Nimi why she even married her. Nimi says she went to Harman to tell him the truth, but he promised her to fill Suomya’s life with happiness in any and every situation. He had vowed to never leave her. She got silent hearing his vows as she got selfish as a mother. Suomya wonders how she hid this truth for so many years, but she won’t be able to lie to Harman.

PRECAP: Harman was ready to do anything to Suomya, he holds her hand but she moves away saying she isn’t worth being his wife. She tells Harman that being a wife one has to be a woman, and she is a kinner. Harman was shocked.

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