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Shakti 10th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Shakti 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Nimmi asking Soumya not to tell that. Soumya says I don’t belong to your world, you would have killed me, the moment I was born…Now what I will do…Maa. She asks her to go and says I don’t need anyone. Surbhi and Nimmi go out. Nimmi cries and feels bad of her words. Surbhi asks her not to feel bad of her words and says Soumya is really tensed. Nimmi says I am failed by my daughter, now how to save her. Surbhi says she is in shock now, but when she comes to know about your sacrifices then she will worship you. She says you have done what no mum of this world can do. She sees Harak Singh and Preeto coming there and asks her to wipe her tears. Harman is in the restaurant and thinks of Soumya. Varun comes and asks why did you call me here? Harman tells that he has apologize to


Soumya, but she turned her face. Varun says I am PhD in wooing girls and asks him to woo her with rose, and says it works 100 percent. Preeto comes to meet Soumya and asks how are you? Why did you try to commit suicide, what did we do? She asks what did Harman or we have done? I want to know, tell me.

Nimmi says she is a kid, leave her. Preeto says if she is a kid then why did you get her married, you would have keep her at home. Harak Singh and Maninder Singh comes to ward. Harak Singh says father’s blood have made her well. He goes to complete the formalities. Varun tells Harman that Soumya is discharged from the hospital.

Harak Singh brings Soumya home and asks Nimmi to make her sit. His business associates come there. Mr Bhatia comes there and says your dream is going to be fulfilled. Harak Singh is surprised. Harman says he has many dreams which are growing with age. He tells that his toys will be exported to foreign countries. Harak Singh gets happy and says since he started toy factory, he wants his toys to be played by every child in every country. He gives the credit to Soumya for happiness in his house, and says I feel proud of my decision for selecting you for Harman. Mr. Bhatia says that the temple is building in the village. Harak Singh offers charity and asks them to write Soumya Harman Singh on the marble stone. He signs the cheque and gives them. He tells today is the auspicious day.

Harman calls someone and asks if the work is done. He asks them to leave now from there. Harak Singh asks who will do arrangements of Jashn. Harman says he has some work in room and goes. Harak Singh tells that Harman is lucky as he got Soumya who made him human. Preeto says Soumys is lucky as my son is one in a million. Harak says this is called self praising.

Nimmi takes Soumya to her room. Soumya says now I can’t….Nimmi asks her not to think and come inside the room. They see the room decorated with flowers, and sorry written on bed with flowers. Soumya thinks about Harman telling that family used to tell that he is lucky being only son, but now he came to know why he is lucky as she is written in his destiny. He says I didn’t know that love will be so beautiful, and confesses his love to her. Soumya recalls Harman talking romantically with her. Fb ends. Soumya says what you have done Maa…Harman have decorated flowers with his hand, and asks what shall I tell to these flowers. What shall I give to Harman inexchange of his love. Harman comes and says just love, Kapur wala love, wrist cutting love, and only and only your love. Soumya looks on.

Nimmi gives Soumya’s hand in Harman’s hand. Harman proposes her romantically and asks her to pray to get him for 7 births. He asks will be you mine….Gulabo. Soumya gets touched with his lovely words. Nimmi and Surbhi looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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