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Sasural Simar Ka 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Khushi says because of you that old woman is mad. Mataji comes out and says I couldn’t find out Sujata. She must be at temple. You know what we have to do in pooja. Khushi grasps and twists Mataji’s wrist. Mataji says it hurts you know that. Simar says have you forgotten how to treat elders. Khushi says shut up there is no room for you in this house. You don’t know what we faced when you left. She is this way because of you. Mataji doesn’t know that Sujata is no more in this world. Simar is shocked. Khushi says look there. There is a garland on Sujata’s picture. Simar says you people didn’t tell me? Khushi says you are a stranger for us. Mataji says simar today in pooja.. Khushi shoves her in the room. Simar says Khushi please leave her. Anjali takes Simar’s hand and says how dare you? You saw this happened in this house because of you. What you want? Simar says I just came to meet you my daughter. Anjali says you lost the right of calling me daughter when you left this house.
Khushi shoves mataji in her room and says stay here. Khushi locks her in the room. simar says I am sorry. I know you when you needed me I wasn’t there. I need one chance.


Anjali says its too. I hate you. Your name. Simar says give me one chance. I will fix everything. Anjali says what will you fix? Come with me.
Anjali says I used to sit in this corner and cry because I wanted to eat food she made. I never got it and never saw her. I heard that a mother’s love is mixed with her food. I never got it. Can you return me that childhood I spent crying here? Come with me. She takes Simar to temple, Anjali says I knew God listens to you always. That is why I never prayed that you come back. Because I knew you would be praying that. But you never came because you never wished it. Anjali takes Simar’s hand and takes her to the room. Anjali says you are mom according to you? Look at all these photos. Are you anywhere there? I can’t see you. Khushi says Simar in your absence it wasn’t that easy for you. I did what you should have. It was very easy for you to leave this house. I took care of here. Now you motherhood woke up and you want her back? She doesn’t need you. Anjali says you relation with me is over. See these photos. You are nowhere. In the last photo Simar has a picture with young Anjali. Simar takes it out. Simar says in all these relations, a mother’s relation can never be broken. Because a child is made out of her. No one can break it. You can remove my name from this house but you can’t remove my place from your life. You don’t wanna remember me but I will always be part of your memory and this picture is the proof. Anjali says this single photo and you wanna prove that I have a relation with you? She tears the photo apart. We have no relation now. Simar says please don’t be so mad. ANjali says I hate the word mom. You can never remove it. Don’t touch me. Khushi says she won’t listen this way. Anjali takes Simar’s hand. sImar says please listen. I know you are mad give me one chance. ANjali shoves Simar out of the house. Anjali says don’t dare coming back here. Anjali shuts the door. Simar says please stop Anjali. Open the door.

Scene 2
Piyush comes home and sees newspapers. He reads about Prem and Anjali. He recalls when Prem came with divorce papers. Piyush says this is papa. This means Anjali’s papa.. The glass falls from his hands. Piyush says this means she is my sister. He recalls when SImar was hiding the picture from him. He says maa concealed this from me?
Simar comes home. Piyush looks at her with disbelief. Piyush says some day or other you have to say the truth. What happened that a son was kept away from his dad and family. Why don’t we live with them. Simar says this is truth that Anjali’s your sister. My and Prem’s daughter. Simar says my and Prem’s relation was an example. our love and trust was everything. We always supported each other. We stood and faced everything together. our relationship got stronger with time. Then some circumstances came that I had to leave him. Piyush says what circumstances? Please tell me what happened. Simar says your birth.

Precap- Prem asks watchman take her out. Simar says please leave me. They shove her out. Police comes and says ma’am you have to come with you there is a complaint against you. Simar says who did? Prem says I did. Police arrests her. Prem says it took me years to be this way. Now this Prem won’t let you back in this house and his life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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