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Sanskaar : I love you Swara… Swara : I hate you sanskaar….{intro} by janvi

Hiii guys thanx for your comments …so all who commented demanded for 3 story that is hatred love story….

So intro …


Swara : a rich independent girl who studies in 9 std and she is so good looking ..loves her family alot… Had friendship with every student in her class….

Sanskaar :also rich independent boy …classmate of swara and had a secret crush on swara …loves her family…

Ragini: nice girl ..lover of laksh (dead in accident)
Laksh :young boy who gave up all things …only alive from outside dead from inside …..

Sharmishtha : good mother…
Shekhar : good father ..
(Swara gini)

Ap and dp (nice parents of sanlak )

Some villains


Laksh ragini I don’t want to go to temple
Ragini :laksh pls for me
Laksh :okk


Laksh worships in temple …
And leaves
Suddenly a car hits laksh
And because of temple aside he doesn’t get very much injured

Ragini very worried..
No swasan promo if I tell then no responses only suspense…

And yaa 1 and 2 chaps will short because it is raining very hard here …
Sp sorry …

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