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Sanskaar : I love you Swara… Swara : I hate you sanskaar….{chapter 2} by janvi

Hiii friend ds this is janvi here…. So the plot is taken from kasam but their love story and meeting would definitely be different……
So it is
Swasan and raglak love story and i f you can suggest a proper name for my ff….so you are very well come….

20 year Later character sketch


Raginika maheshwari: a cute modern girl who is fashion designer …..aand has a big showroom of new ethentic wears…….
She gets some flashes of her past life and a boy is seen everyday in her dream …he calls her to come to him ……

Laksh gadodia : a bussiness tycoon of kolkata …..lost his faith in loVe …recalls the love to be a big cheater ……hate girls expect swara her sister …loves her more than anything…have opened a music academy on name of swara and ragini as ragini in her last birth loves to sing and now swara tooo…

Swara gadodia: a sweet modern bubbly girl …who studies in ninth std. And have faith in loVe …a singer by passion….

Sanskaar maheshwari: classmate of swara ..had a secret crush on swara and he is best friend of swara…

Laksh comes to swara and gave her a gift and swara asks him to give her a big gift that he should reveal his love story..laksh asks her when he will return he will tell swara asks for his promise and he gave promise

At maheshwari mansion
Ragini again goes and sleeps but this time she gets flashes of her past life …
A mountain is shown and a boy and girl were sitting… The boy was in girl’s lap and we’re talking……
Their face was blurr and suddenly a man shoot ……
Then raginika awakes and panics and was full of sweat
Raginika wonders what is happening to her these days she is again and again getting these types of dream ..
Suddenly sanskaar come and pulls her hairs and runs away then ragini fumes in anger and run s behind him …

The screen freezes on raginika’s fun full face and laksh’s sad and dull face
PRECAP: RAGLAK love story…swasan meeting

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