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Sanskaar : I love you Swara… Swara : I hate you sanskaar….{chapter 1} by janvi


Hii guys this is janvi back with next part …
So laksh is brother of swara


Laksh and ragini were taking pheras and the pandit was chanting mantras and they were taking promises of marriage ….
Suddenly with last phera the father of ragini shoot a bullet at laksh but ragini comes in between .!!he tries several times but ragini comes in between ….. Laksh goes to trap her father and ragini shouts lakshhh with painful voice and falls on ground ……
Laksh holds her
Ragni:I will come in this world again …..
And dies….
Laksh raginiiiii….
The family members of laksh comes and consoles her ….

After all rituals to give peace to ragini’s soul….
It was night and laksh was broken ….
Suddenly ragini’s spirit comes and messages laksh that she is again going to come…
Ragini:at the place where were took my last breath..
At the place where I left you alone
Right there and right at 12 am….
She disappears….

Laksh goes there and she doesn’t founds ragini there…she only sees a ambulance coming right at that place and right at 12 a baby girl takes a birth …..
Laksh didn’t comes to know that it was ragini…..
And drives very fast….

20 years leap..
Now laksh is full broken and hard business man …hates girls…only loves ragini…
And has a sister swara who studies in ninth….

S big mansion is shown
A mother wakes up her children…
Raginika and sanskaar…..
Sanskaar was classmate of swara and ragini is twenty….
Sanskaar goes to freshen up and there ap asks raginika to show her birth mark evey year on her birthday the birthmark “L” gets bihar and bolder….

Precap:swara asks laksh about his love story…and ragini gets flashes of her last birth

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