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Sanam tuje meri kasam (Episode 6)

(on TU)Ragsan fan thanku for bashing me..and taking such a huge effort coz u wrote ssuch a big cmmmnt..



link to previos episode-
Episode 5

r-so ready for accepting my conditions..
sn-oky shoot!
r-condition num-1:u shd talk love and live with me like before..
condition num-2:bhai i love u a lot..n i m regreeting for those mis deeds too just forgive me plzz.
condition num-3:i love a boy..u shd cm to meet them
and s if u accept these 3 conditions..whole hartedly i have more suprises for u..

sn-fine..i accept these whole hartedly..bass abb milado usse..
atlst baat tho karado..

r-(just then her cell rings..she cuts it)
sure bhai..now get ready for surprise..oky..
swara bhabhi stays..(again her cell phone rings and she cuts it..)

sn- m listening..

r-yeah..!she stays with the my furture in laws..u know..

sn-kya..?(exitedly)then oky..challo we ll go now only to them for talking abt ur marriage..

r-bhai (again phone rings)

sn-kiska phone hai ragini..y dont u just pic it up..

r-apke he biwi ka hai..
just wait for sometime i ll make u listen her voice..
but han promise me u wont utter a single word..

sn-what?par kyun?

r-are u just listen to me oky..i have all plans to make u (again the phone rings)
she shows the caller id to him
yeah Laksh my love..

sn-wt d hell..i dont want to hear ur stupid love talks ragini..

r-bhai just wait and watch abb kya hoga..
now an atombomb ll blast so ready na..
i ll pic d call and put in speeaker but u shd not talk oky..ctrl ur self..


(ragz pics d call)-hii baby…
how r u..?(saying so she winks at sanskar and he gives her in return un-beleavable look)

caller-baby baba sab niklati hun..tu ghar tho aaa..meri rago rani..
how dare u cut my calls..han?
mera call tho asa cut kiya zaisa u were buzy like hell..
n iss unlucky fellow ka call tho ekdam shatabdi express ki traha utaya?

sn-(by making actions asks ragini)is this our swara..my swara?
ragini nods..
sanskar has tears in his eyes..
tears of happiness…
tears of joy…
tears of relief…
tears by remembering those happy days of his and swaras…
tears by remembring that he ll no more be lonenly…
tears by remembring that he ll get his life back…

he gestures ragini to make her speak more..
ragini nods..

r-are mere shona..is it possible ki i ever do that?no na..
actually i was buzy..n as soon as i finished work..was about to call u but by then laksh called me na so i picked up d call..

s-awww..!u were about to call me na?no called..
tho punishment tho banti hai..

r-punishment?no ways shona..i m not going to cm inbtwn u both..

s-no ways kya no ways? u r going to help me in my revenge..

r-par abb usne kya kiya tuze?bechara mera laksh

s-ohh hello…bechara nahi hai vo!..aur tho puch ki usne kya kya nahi kiya mere sath kal..

r-accha teka hai..bata

s-u know yesterday..he tied me to chair..
u know on my soft and delecate hands he bought scars..
my hands and legs are still red..
banda tho banda..par he fed me by his hands..too which i hate the most..
(and cries fakely)

by this time our sanskar whos already posissive for his swara was dam angry and wanted now to eagerly know whos this man..
ragini looked towards sanskar..knowing his anger..
she gestured him..to not to worry by holding hs hands..
but hamara sanskar tho thera hot angry bird hai na?

r-nautaki band kar shona..i very well know u..
u might have also done something..
hmm han let me guess..

by now sanskar was looking towaards ragini again..

s-are u r my frnd first then u shd support me not him..

r-accha g..then i m sure now..u might have not eat ur dinner and denied ur medicines na like u do always so he did this so again?

s-aree i also said na..k if he gives me 3 silk to eat then i ll have my dinner and if he give me two more i ll have my medicines..
but no use tho hitler banne mei maza ata hai..
lo agaya tera majnu..abb dekna..
kya hoga..

(voices heard in corous..)
u how dare u do this..
u devil…u moron…u open the door..i ll tell u the circumstances of messing up with me..

s-hahaa..sune uski cheeke..?

(by now sanskar eyes also popped up by hearing such things)
are mera laksh..shona wt u did?
s-nothing much i added green color in his shampoo..
so i guess his hair color might be turned into hehehe!u can imagine i guess..!
and then i locked him in washroom..

revenge 1 sucessful!
now time for two..so u shd help me..
coz i knew that today u were comming with ur family..so i planned to make him joker..
u plz tell ur family abot it..and yeah..tell them to act too..
just convince them and let me know oky!
hehehe! bye bye swthrt!

ufff!done with another episde..
hope its was big enough..
did u all liked this bonding..?
hope u did…

and yup twinj fans i have written the next chapter for Twinj Love Strategy(season-3)..bas little touch up is remaining..so
i taught of completing it tommo and posting it..
but tommo i m very buzy so could not..

and yup guys tq so so much for giving well wishes for puh!..hope she wakes up soon from her beauty sleep..

and yeah the other day someone asked me na ki which clg was alloted for me?
then dear i got KLEIT clg(formally called BVB-2)
i dont remember ur name..
but hoping to meet u soon..
today only my secound session results were out..
tho i got bvb-2 yar..but had some exceptations f getting bvb-1,nevermind..

any way i did too much of bak bak..
give ur views..and suggestions too…s

Just a beginnř..A ɖřɛąmɛř who makes sure it comes true:)..A ąĆɧıɛ۷ɛř….A קɛřʄơřmɛř….

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