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Sanam tuje meri kasam (Episode 12)


Swra and sanskar were moving in car..
sn-shona look i m ur frnd outside but in office or within offical things i m ur boos and u my emloyee..
so no compensation for that…
and yeah ur working as my secratory their..
so i have arraged ur desk in my cabin it self..
sw-han han janti hun..
ur pa will tell me all the details..
and i also know ki from now on with u and ur pa i shd acomapany u..
and we are going to kolkatta by tommo nights flight..
and in my this one month of intern ship i m gonna stay with u only..
as and according to lucky monkey donkeys order and nanu and nani order..
but mind u ki u have prmised me to give 2 dairy milk silk everyday..
sn-(letting out a laugh..)yeah baba..yadd hai muze..
omg!sanakar is this ur comapny,,,?
sn-yeah so hows it..
sw-owsom yar..i just loved it…
(to himself-are yar..its so awkward to hear her calling me as sir..
“good morning sir..”was what he heard and then he understood ki y his swara referred hm as sir which he din like atall..’
sn-“(nooded to kavita)shona cm with me and kavita u too..
both nodeed and left after him..


sanskars cabin..
sn-han so kavita meet miss shona..and shona this ismy PA kavita..
and yup kavita she ll be handling secratry post from now so teach her everything..
and shona i dont like mistakes like i said u before..
got it ri8?
swara just noddded..

and yeah the main thing ..we are leving to kolkatta so plz be ready
and yup we ll be their for 1 month or may be more so hope u get it..
and kavita prepare all files..
and plz say RK(ramu kaka)to send in 2 cup of coffess..
and shona plz take ur seat i need u r help..for a project thats really urgent so plz be seated and kavita u may lev i gesss..
k-yes sir..

as soon as kavita levs..
swara hugs shanky making him numb for a min..
sw0—awwwwwwwww////my cuti my best frnd tq so muchhhhh…
for taking me to kolkatta now i can viist the place which my family never allows me..
just coz i get some mere head ace and falshback..
if u dont mind can i take ur 5 min and make a call..
sn-(seeing swara so happy) he just nooded..

sw-hai guys…..
ohh tho u….
accha sun raj….
i m cmming to kolkatta to plan is on…!
sw-yup yup..accha bye lov u..

that was it for sanaksr hearing a boys name that too “RAJ”and next “LOVE U”words he heart skipped up..

sn-love u and all hna?
sw-areee no no u are higly mistaken…mr Maheshwari hes my frnd..
and its in our rule that instd of saying sorry or tq v say love u
i cant love anyone so chill..wase were u jelous ..?
asks swara tteasingly..

thats it for today guys…dont have much time so made a short update for all…

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