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Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 2 Part 7

Ahem goes upto Gopi but then receives a phone call and turns his face around. Gopi and Rashi get into a taxi. Gopi and Ahem don’t meet. In the evening, Sindoora, Anjali and Sakshi arrive at the Suviyanshi mansion, Sindoora thinks that it is her birthday as well and she wants to have fun. Kokila sees Sindoora and gets happy.
“ Sindoora, you have come!” Kokila says. Sindoora , Anjali and Sakshi greet Kokila.
“ How are you, aunty?” Sindoora asks.

“ I am fine, I am very happy that my Vidya is living a good life. That woman snatched my son but Bagwan saved my granddaughters. I don’t know want to say that woman’s name. She threw Meera off the cliff and then she killed my Ahem when she came back. She kidnapped my granddaughters and then she wanted to destroy my family. My Ahem died because of her!” Kokila cries.
“ Which woman, aunty?” Anjali asks. “ I knew nothing about this.”
“ Gopi Modi!” Kokila says. “ I hate that woman. Don’t make me say her name again!” Gaura comes.
“ Kokila calm down. The guests are getting worried by your behaviour. Come with me.” Gaura takes Kokila.
“ Maa, you’re so clever. Kokila lost her memory 20 years ago. Kokila still thinks Gopi was responsible for throwing Meera off the cliff not Radha. Hats off to you.” Anjali laughs.
“ Anjali, quietly or my true colours will be revealed in front of everyone. But yes, Kokila hates Gopi Modi.” Sindoora says.


Kokila regains her consciousness. Sindoora enters the ward room. “ Who are you and where is your family? Where is Ahem?” Kokila asks.
“ Your Ahem is dead. Gopi Modi killed him.” Sindoora says.
“ No, but Gopi left the house. How can she kill him?” Kokila asks.
“ She returned and killed your son, don’t you remember?” Sindoora says. Sindoora gets excited that Kokila has lost memory and has gone back to the time Meera fell off the cliff.
“ That witch! She killed Meera and my son.” Kokila says.
“ Meera is still alive and Gopi had another daughter called Vidya. I saved Vidya and Meera from Gopi but Gopi killed Ahem in the end.” Sindoora says.
“ Thank you so much for saving my granddaughters.” Kokila cries.
“ We are going be really good friends. Now listen, do not listen to anyone. They will tell you lies.” Sindoora says.

“ Ok, I wont listen to anyone except you.” Kokila says. After a few moments, the doctor goes to the Modis.
“ She has lost her memory. In this state, you cannot confuse her at all. I’m sorry but she has lost her memory permanently and now her mind has gone back decades back. We cant save her.” The doctor says, the Modis get shocked. Sindoora smiles evilly.
“ So that’s how I did it all.” Sindoora says.
“ I have so much to learn from you Maa.” Anjali says.
“ After Baa’s death, only you took her place Sindoora. Baa was the only one capable of destroying these people but you have proven that you can take her place.” Sakshi says.
“ That is true. She taught me everything and I still miss her.” Sindoora says.
“ Lets go and meet Vidya.” Anjali says. The trio go to meet Vidya, who is dressed in a modern dress, she no longer wore traditional saris but western dresses.
“ Hey. Meera didn’t come with you?” Vidya says.
“ No, she didn’t want to come. She said she couldn’t be bothered. She didn’t even know it was your birthday.” Sindoora says.

“ How is that possible? She forgot again.” Vidya says.
“ I don’t know.” Anjali says.
“ Forget her, see my gift for you.” Sindoora says. She gives her a diamond jewellery set.
“ Thank you so much!” Vidya gets excited.

“ Ok Vidya we will meet the other guests. Have fun tonight.” Sakshi says. Sindoora smiles evilly.
“ Today I want to ruin Vidya’s birthday. My own twin sister will suffer today.” Sindoora says. She shows the others the poison in her bag. They also smile.
Gopi and Rashi arrive at the Suviyanshi mansion later on in the evening and enter the party. Sindoora puts poison in Vidya’s glass and Gopi sees that. Gopi thinks that whoever this person is, they need to be stopped. Gopi runs towards Sindoora. A storm occurs outside and the temple bell rings. Something good was about to happen.

“ Gopi!” Rashi shouts. Gopi reaches Sindoora and throws the glass away. She slaps Sindoora. Everyone gets shocked.
“ Hey, you evil woman. There was poison in that glass. You tried to kill that other lady!” Gopi shouts. Sindoora looks up to see who slapped her and is shocked to see Gopi. Sindoora starts to getting flashback when she killed Gopi and Ahem.
“ Impossible.” Sindoora says.

“ Why are you quiet now? It is good I came on time otherwise that lady would have been in serious danger.” Gopi shouts.
“ Gopi, are you sure she did all of this?” Rashi asks. Sindoora gets shocked to see Rashi as well. She gets flashbacks when she blew up the abandoned building, killing Rashi and Jigar.
“ I am sure. I saw her.” Gopi says, however someone grabs Gopi and slaps her. It was Kokila. Vidya and the rest get emotional seeing Gopi and Rashi.
“ How dare you come back and raise your hand on Sindoora?” Kokila shouts.
“ I’m confused.” Gopi says.

“ Gopi Modi, you come back after killing my Ahem. You come back and now you want to destroy my family more!” Kokila shouts, slapping Gopi again. “ I made a poor gawar like you as my daughter in law and you snatched my son away from me!” Rashi comes.
“ Listen, I think you have a misunderstanding lady, we don’t know any Ahem. And my sister isn’t Gopi Modi, but she is Gopi Devi.” Rashi says.

“ Enough! I know you very well Rashi and your misdeeds. I know how you are like. You have always supported lies. This is yours and Gopi’s plan. I made a mistake bringing both of you in my house! Ever since you two became my daughter in laws, we haven’t had peace at all!” Kokila shouts.
“ Ive had enough. I’m 20, I am not even married. Nor do I know anyone here. I am here because Priyal invited me here. She is my friend?” Gopi says. Kokila tries to slap her again but Gopi holds her hand. “ Don’t you dare!”
“ You have learnt a lot. How can I believe you when you are the woman who killed her own sister and husband?” Kokila shouts.

“ What sister?” Gopi asks.
“ Radha, you killed Radha!” Shouts Kokila.
“ Radha is my sister yes, but she is alive.” Gopi says, she shows her a photo. Gaura comes.
“ Koki, this isn’t Gopi. This is Priyal’s friend. This girl is so young. How can she be Gopi? And this isn’t Rashi at all. Please come with me.” Gaura says.
“ Stay away from my family, do you understand?” Kokila warns. Kokila goes with Gaura.
“ Weird people in India. Rashi, I think we should leave from here. I have been humiliated enough.” Gopi says. Priyal comes.
“ No please don’t leave. That Kokila is mentally ill. She lost her memory and half of the stuff she thinks isn’t the truth. Gopi, Ahem, Radha, Rashi and Jigar were all killed but we don’t even know who the culprit is. We have tried to explain to Kokila Nani but she wont listen and it could harm her.” Priyal says.

“ Ok fine. I hope your other relatives aren’t crazy.” Rashi says. They go with Priyal. Priyal takes them to Vidya, Dharam and Niddhi. Vidya gets teary and she hugs Gopi.
“ Maa!” Cries Vidya.
“ Dadi, she isn’t your mother. She is younger than you.” Priyal says.
“ Priyal, we all said that 20 years ago when my mother came back as Durga Agarwal to avenge my grandmother. This is my mother because I know her very well and she is playing the same game to save us from a new enemy.” Vidya says.
“ I’m sorry Vidya but I’m young enough to be your granddaughter, not your mother.” Gopi says. Gopi sees Sindoora and gets angry. Sindoora comes along with Anjali and Sakshi.
“ Look, you have a misunderstanding. Why would I try to kill Vidya?” Sindoora fake cries.
“ Yes Gopi, Sindoora is a relative and she would never do that.” Priyal says.
“ Ok, I believe you.” Gopi says. Sindoora, Sakshi and Anjali go off outside
“ Gopi and Rashi alive? How?” Sakshi says.

“ I don’t know. I killed them with my own hands.” Sindoora screams.
“ They are my age though. It cant be Gopi and Rashi.” Anjali says. Sindoora remembers the sage’s words.
“ They have reincarnated. I have to do something. This means Ahem and Jigar are also back. Radha is also back. Forget these lot, if Radha gets her memories back from her previous birth then she will finish us off. She will destroy us completely.” Sindoora says.
“ Are you sure Sindoora?” Sakshi asks.

“ Yes.” Sindoora replies. They enter the party and overhear Gopi and Rashi telling Priyal that they were going to Oxford. Sindoora grabs Anjali. “ Anjali, I want you to go Oxford and keep an eye on Gopi and Rashi. Make sure you succeed. I will go after Radha.” Sindoora says.

Precap- Sindoora arrives in New York to trap Radha. Anjali vows to cause problems between Gopi and Rashi in Oxford. Meanwhile, Jigar and Ahem also arrive in Oxford.

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