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Saath Nibhana Saathiya – Ahem is alive Part 1

Bye guys, I’m shakaib.I’m to start a new fan fiction. Positive replies please. So let’s start.

Me era’s marriage was completed.Gopi hears vehicle’s sound. She says to kokila its ahem ji. Some ward boys come with a dead body. Gopi says who is he? Ward boy takes off the cover from dead body.
The dead body’s face was totally injured. Gopi says who is he? Ward boy gives gopi a wallet.


Gopi says it can’t happen. Kokila takes wallet from gopi. Kokila says ahem dikra. All are shocked. All cry as they used to.

Ahem’s last rituals are completed.

After 20 years….

Pari is seen walking Sanskari daughter in law dress and style, towards kokila’s room. She sees kokila sleeping. Pari thinks it 20 years passed on but kaki ji is still in coma.

FB starts…..
Ahem’s dead body was burning. Kokila falls. Gopi says Maya ji. Jigar says what hapeened with you kaki Ji? Please open your eyes.

Sons says we have to take kokila to hospital. They take kokila to hospital. Docter tells family that she has gone into emotional coma.
FB ends.

Pari goes to kitchen to help methi. Pari asks meethi what are you cooking? Meethi says aloo sabji. Pari says if you need something so tell me. Pari leaves.

In hall, all family members come. Jigar asks Pari for gopi bhabi. Pari says she is in her room.
Tolu comes with sona. Molu asks tolu where is aditya and priyanka.
Precap: kokila shouts please! Do nothing to my son. Please leave him.

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