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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

At Modi bhavan, Jai and Veer fight what should they name their new born sisters. Kokila says they will know during naming ceremony. At Dharam’s house, Vidya and Shravan repeatedly call boarding school to know Priyal’s whereabouts, but to no avail. Vidya says lawyers told they signed adopted papers willingly and nothing can be done now. Naiya comes smiling and says she wants them to hear a phone call recording she got. Shravan plays it and hears school’s principal telling Priyal did not reach boarding school at all. Vidya is shattered to hear that and falls down. Shravan holds her. Naiya reminisces Prakash calling Meera as principal. Vidya says she will confront Meera once she come back. Meera comes from outside speaking over phone. Vidya asks where is Priyal.


Meera arrogantly says in boarding school. Vidya gives her a tight slap. Meera stands in a shock.

Premila comes and apologizes Kokila for being arrogant yesterday and says she is worried about her son like any mother. Kokila says it is okay. Premila then goes in, brings Gopi’s bags and says let us go home now. Kokila says Sona’s daughter’s naming ceremony is in a few days and she and Krishna have to attend it. Premila says okay, she will do Gopi’s bidayi after naming ceremony and will speak to her panditji. Krishna gets call and leaves. Gopi cries that she cannot go without solving problems here. Kokila consoles her and says she is her daughter and has to go to her sasural and start a new life, etc.. Gopi cries hugging her.

Meera shouts at Vidya how dare she is to slap her. Vidya asks where is Priyal. Meera says again in boarding school. Vidya plays recording and asks where is her daughter. Naiya and Prakash smirk seeing their fight. Prakash says let both sisters fight and die.

Sona’s daughter’s naming ceremony starts. Jigar happily greets guests and asks Gopi and Kokila to name babies. Gopi says he is asking her something after a long time, she will name babies for sure. Sona and Tolu bring babies down. Urmila says today’s stars came. Mona mixes kumkum in orange juice and asks waiter to give it to Gopi. Gopi drinks juice and gets aphasic. Pandit asks Gopi to come and name babies. Gopi cannot speak. Krishna says she must have got throat infection. Gopi signals Pandit. Pandit says Gopi wants children to be named Seeta and Geeta. Gopi nods yes. Krishna gives her medicine water to drink. Mona fumes that her plan failed.

Shravan warns Meera to tell where Priyal is, else… Meera shouts he can try whatever he can, anyways Priyal is her daughter legally now.

Precap: Kokila says Gopi she is restarding a jourey again as bahu and she is sure she will fulfill her responsibilities. Gopi says she is going as Kokila Modi’s daughter and will remember her given sanskars.

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