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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Krishna says Gopi that his mom/Premila is worried about him. Gopi says it is obvious. Premila goes to Mansi’s house and gives her a tight slap. She shouts if she had to do everything herself, then why did she call her, she will not do anything from here without informing her, because of her Krishna got injured. At Modi bhavan, Kokila gives soup to Krishna. Krishna takes deep breath. Kokila asks if he is feeling pain. Krishna jokes he did not get heart attack or flu, they will not let her to even take breath, she should have got him something spicy like pakoras. Gopi sold all her saris and did not even give party.


Mona and Pari inform Jigar that they got escaped from market somehow, else Gopi and team would have caught them red-handed. Mona says shooter came from nowhere.

Jigar shouts shut up, they lost challenge.

Premila comes and acts as coming from temple. She cries that she was very much worried when goon shot Krishna. Gopi says she can understand her situation. Premila asks her to forget all this business and concentrate on her married life with Krishna.

Prakash fumes and tells Naiya that if she would have let him come in front, he would have slapped Meera for her arrogance and taught her a lesson. Naiya says soon they will get time to punish Meera and Vidya.

Gopi prays at home temple and cries that because of her, Krishna’s life was at stake today, she prays for his speedy recovery and falls asleep on stairs. Premila sees her sleeping on stair and fumes that because of Gopi, Krishna is feeling so much pain, so she has to be punished. she switches on fan and Gopi’s dupatta falls on lamp and catcheds fire. She leaves smirking. Sona’s babies start crying. Sona wakes up and thinks she just fed time some time ago, then why are they crying, Kokila wakes up hearing babies crying and goes out to check why Gopi did not return yet from temple. She sees Gopi’s dupatta catching fire. She shouts. Whole family gathers. Kokila sets off fire and says whole house would have burnt. Premila asks how did this happen and says god gave punishment to Gopi for her sin. Kokila shouts to mind her tongue and asks how can she think of her bahu like this. She says god made babies cry and made her come out of her room and see Gopi’s dupatta burning. God is protecting Gopi and will protect always. She continues that Premila is Gopi’s saas, but she is Gopi’s maa…Premila says even she lost her son and knows pain, but she did not realize what she is gonig through. She runs from there. Kokila cries reminiscing Ahem. Krishna apologizes and says mom should not have told this. Kokila says it is late night and they all should go and sleep. Gopi hugs Kokila and cries.

Precap: Premila packs Gopi’s bags and asks if she will come with her to her sasural.

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