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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 25th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Gopi mingles with janmastami celebrating crowd to escape from mental assylum wardboys. Ahem’s lookalike breaks dahi handi and everyone chant his name Jaggi Jaggi… Gopi is shocked to see Ahem and falls unconscious. Jaggi holds her on time. Kokila looks at Ahem’s photo in her sautan’s house and asks she snatched her daughter from her and now is keeping Ahem’s photo. Sautan says he is not Ahem, he is her and Parag’s son Jaggi. Kokila asks why did she hide Jaggi from her. Sautan says if she had informed her, she would have snatched Jaggi from her. Urmila calls Kokila and asks where is she, she is worried for her. Kokila says she is coming back.


Jaggi holds unconscious Gopi and asks whose item is this. Wardboys come and say she is mental patient and is with them. Jaggi gets afraid and asks to take her away. Kokila walks back home reminiscing her sautan’s words that Ahem’s lookalike is her son Jaggi. She meets Urmila who asks if Gopi is fine. Kokila says Gopi may be in trouble and tells her what happened. She thinks she should not tell her about Jaggi. Urmila says let us go to Gopi’s house, she knows how to get truth with her kalakari.

Krishna ties Gopi to hospital bed and warns his puppet peons not to let Gopi run away again. Premila and Mansi laugh.

Jaggi’s mom applies warm compresses to his back and scolds why did he participate in dahi handi competition and fell down. He asks her to be gentle and not burn his back.

Kokila and Urmila reach Premila’s house. Urmila opens door via her hair pain and they get in. She spills oil on floor and Premila falls down. They both the tie Premila to a chair. Mansi comes to Premila’s room and sees it dark and Premila sitting on chair. She asks why is she sitting in dark. Chair turns and Mansi is surprised to see Kokila and starts acting. Kokila asks her to stop her drama and asks her to return Gopi if she wants Premila back. Mansi gets afraid and agrees. Kokila takes Mansi to Urmila who has tied Premila to a chair.

Precap: Jaggi runs behind cock and breaks things in market. People discuss if his mom wil know that he is catching cock, she will make him cock for sure.

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