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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st August 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Gopi tells Mansi that she is pity on her that she was with Ahem for 10 years but could not get him as Ahem never loved her. She is ashamed to be with them/Mansi and Premila and will not stay in their house even for a minute. She walks towards door and Premila warns her dare not to go. Gopi says she is not a helpless woman and if she sees her history, she know what she is capable of. Krishna comes and Gopi tells he came on right time, he does not what his sister and mother did with her, she wants to get out of here right now and tell him what all they did. He gives her a tight slap and she falls down. He says he is Mansi’s brother and loves her, he married Gopi as a part of plan, but agrees eventually.


Inspector speaks over phone and says good they found Priyal’s

clue. Constable silently hears his conversation. He then goes to police station where Meera asks if Priyal is found. He says not yet, but he laid a trap for kidnapper. She asks what does he mean. He says he saw his constable speaking to ward boy o CCTV footage and is sure constable will meet culprit. She says even she will come with him. He says he cannot get her out as per protocol.

Krishna ties Gopi to a chair and says he married her as per plan. Mansi sees her shoes dirrty with mud and asks to go and change his shoes. Gopi also notices his shoes and once they all leave thinks of escaping from there somehow.

Constable goes to Prakash’s hideout and warns him to escape as inspector has laid a trap for him. Inspector reaches in jeep with Meera and goes in. Prakash picks Priyal and esccapes out.

Gopi thinks she has to inform her maaji at any cost. She frees her hand, picks mobile and hearing Krishna coming goes back and sits. Krishna comes out of washroom. She acts as couhing. He asks if she needs water. She nods yes. He feeds her water and she drops glass on his shoes. He changes shoes.

Meera hopes everything is fine inside. Prakash hiding behind chair throws stone in opposite direction to divert inspector’s attention and once inspector turns he kicks inspector and runs out locking doorr. Meera sees him getting into car and hits his head with wooden rod from behind. Inspector breaks door, comes out and removes shawl from Prakash’s face. Meera is shocked to see Prakash and picks Priyal, saying she was missing him. Priyal says even she was missing him. Inspector drags Prakash.

Krishna warns Gopi not to show her smartness, else she will repent. Gopi prays kanhaaji to give her message to Kokila somehow.

Precap: Kokila comes to meet Gopi and knocks door. Premila opens door and says Gopi aandd Krishna went for honeymoon. Kokila pushes her and gets in saying she knows they are not

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