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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Kokila is shocked to see Mansi at Premila’s house. Mansi says she is Premila’s daughter. Kokila thinks why did not Dr. Krishna tell that Mansi is his sister. Gopi reaches Gandhi marg and asks people if they saw an old lady meeting with an accident. Everyone says no.


Meera leaves taking money bag. Naiya shows her to Vidya and says she is going out to meet Priyal with so much money, so she should follow her. Vidya starts following Meera. Prakash and Naiya laugh that their plan is working, now both sisters don’t know what will happen to their life.

Premila’s guests start badmouthing if her bahu is not at home, then why did she call her. Premila yells at Kokila that she told her daughter is sanskari, this is what she taught her daughter, Krishna told Gopi did not want to marry him, so now she must have escaped. Gopi comes back and says she is here. Premila starts where was she, etc.. Gopi says let us start ritual now. Mansi goes to kitchen, sprinkles some medicine drops on sweets, and thinks now everyone will see what Gopi is.

Vidya follows Meera in auto. Meera stops her car near some garage and walks in. Vidya gets behind her. Meera picks her gun.

Premila calls her guests to start Gopi’s muh dikhayi ritual and dorns veil on Gopi. Guest feeds medicine mixed sweets to Gopi and then tries to feed Premila. Mansi stops guest and says this is special sweets only for Gopi and gives her other sweets box to feed Premila. She thinks soon Gopi will start her drama. Gopi gets inebriated and starts dancing and singing Saasuji tune meri kadar na jaani. Guest discuss why is she misbehaving with her saas. Kokila slaps Gopi and she falls unconscious. Kokila drops her on sofa.

Vidya thinks of informing Shravan what is happening. Meera gets Prakash/kidnapper’s call and says him that she has brought money. Vidya thinks whom she is speaking to.

Precap: Kokila informs Urmila that Mansi is Premila’s daughter and what Gopi did during function. Urmila says Gopi can never do this, something is wrong. Vidya tells Meera that she will inform Shravan what she is doing. Meera warns her not to and shoots her.

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