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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 13th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Krishna applies ointment to Gopi’s hands and asks her to rest. Premila comes and says she has kept her bag and overcoat in car. Krishna says he will not go leaving Gopi in this condition. Gopi says he should go as he is waiting for this moment since many years and she will feel guilty if he will not go. Krishna asks her to take rest for 2 days at least, takes Premila’s blessings and leaves. Mansi asks Gopi to call her if she needs anything and closes door from outside. She tells Premila what if their first attack went in vain, they will attack Gopi again.

Urmila receives food order from delivery boy and asks who ordered it. He says order came from this house. Kokila checks 5000 rs bill and finds modi bhavan address. Pari says she ordered food and leaves

paying delivery boy and taking packet from Urmila. Urmila says she is back to her drama. Urmila says she must be trying to pamper Mona as she slapped her yesterday, thats all.

Vidya asks Meera why she is trying to create rift between Shravan and Dharam. Meera arrogantly says she enjoys this and have done long ago. Naiya and Prakash meet in store room. Naiya says it is time to blow a final attack. Prakash says both sisters will be destroyed. Naiya says she will trouble them so much that they will neither live or die peacefully. She goes out to check if someone is around and clashes with Dharam. Dharam asks what was she doing in store room. She stammers. Prakash hides. Naiya says she came here to get curtains and saw it is very dusty, acts as coughing. Dharam leaves asking her to send servant and not work herself.

Gopi writhes in pain. She thinks she should not inform Kokila about her accident, else she will come here running. She tries to pick water mug and does not find water in it, thinks to check where Mansi and Gopi are and ask them to give water. Mansi in Premila’s room scolds her for feeding Gopi food and says she will kill gopi at once. Premila asks her to not hurry. Gopi goes to kitchen and picks water bottle from fridge, but bottle falls down. Mansi comes and asks her to go to her room, she will get water.

Meera in her room thinks where Priyal must be. Dharam enters and says what she did is right, he just wants to speak to Priyal. Meera says school will to speak only during weekends, so he can call on Saturday. He says okay and goes to sleep. Meera worries how to find Priyal.

Gopi goes back to her room and thinks why Mansi did not come yet. Mansi comes with water glass and is about to make her drink when she gets a call and leaves keeping glass on table. Gopi tries to drink water but could not hold glass, so she drinks it like a animal via her tongue. Mansi with Premila watches it hiding. Water glass falls down. Gopi cries. Mansi enters again and says she was coming in anways, asks if she is okay. Premila calls her and she leaves smirking and tells Premila she will shatter Gopi’s life like this broken glass, she enjoyed seeing Gopi drinking water like a dog. Premila says Gopi is paying for her sins. Mansi says this is just the beginning. Gopi cries what else is in store next.

Urmila tries to calm sleeping baby and calls her Seeta. Sona comes holding another baby and says this is Seeta and that is Geeta. Door bell rings. Kokila asks Mona to check who is it. Premila enters with sweets. Kokila asks why she came in at this time. Premila says she does not need to watch time to meet her relatives. Kokila asks where is Gopi. Premila says she ahas a condition if she wants to meet Gopi. Kokila gets tensed and asks what condition. Premila says she has to attend Gopi’s muh dikhayi with her whole family. She then pampers babies and says she will go now as she has a lot of work. Kokila tells family that they all are going to Gopi’s sasural, they should get ready. Urmila says Sonali that Kokila is blushing thinking of meeting her daughter Gopi.

Prakash calls as kidnapper and asks her to arrange 1 crore if she needs Priyal back. Priyal is seen drawing. Prakash wears mask and praises her drawing. She asks when will mamma come. He says once her drawing finishes.

Sona tells Kokila that she had to swing Seeta and Geeta for 1 hour until they sleept. Kokila asks her to go and rest. Sona says she should go and rest. Kokila says she is thinking of gifting some jewelry to Gopi. Pari says evenshe needs earrings for tomrrow’s function. Kokila takes her to room and shows necklaces. Pari says she will gift these necklaces to Sona and Mona as they are carring their family lineage forward. She says these jewelries should be given to Seeta and Geeta also as they are Modi family’s children. She then picks one jewelry smirking and says she will gift pack it. Kokila sits thinking.

Precap: Premila says Kokila that she was very excited regarding Gopi’s muh dikhayi ritual, but Gopi herself is not at home.

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