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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Shravan warns Meera to tell where Priyal is else. Meera shouts he cannot do anything and says Priyal is her daughter now. Inspector comes and says he came to arrest Meera Suryavanshi for kidnapping Priyal. Meera stands in a shock. Dharam comes and asks what is happening. Meera thinks only Dharam can save him, runs and hugs him.


Sona’s children’s name ceremony function continues. Pari gives chains to Jigar and asks him to dorn them in babies’ neck. Urmila sees red powder in Gop’s glass and informs about it to Kokila. Kokila sees Mona’s fingers red and asks if it is same color powder. Urmila says yes. Kokila shouts at Mona how dare she is to mix powder in Gopi’s juice and raises hand to slap her, but Mona turns. Pari slaps her and

says she is ashamed to call her bahu, she made a big mistake by marrying her to Molu, he would have been better unmarried. How can she thinking of breaking her family, she will never forgive her if she tries to break her family…

Dharam asks inspector why he is arresting Meera. Inspector says Shravan and Vidya have filed complaint that Meera forcefully adopted Priyal without their permission and then sent her to some boarding school and is not telling which one. Dharam says it is his family issue and he will handle it. Shravan tries to speak. Dharam stops him and sends inspector. Meera acts and runs to her room. Dharam runs behind her to console her.

Pari continues scolding Mona and asks her to get out of her house. Kokila and Gopi say they forgave Mona and asks Pari not to kick Mona out. Pari asks Mona to apologize Gopi. Premila says now everything is settled down, she leave modi bhavan and come to her sasural with her. Gopi says she will come. Jigar reminisces Mansi suggesting that Gopi wants to reunite family and see them happy, if Jigar does that, she will leave Modi bhavan happily. Jigar likes idea and smiles. He comes out of flashback and gives money to Tolu to give to to Panditji. Tolu says he will pay. Jigar says it is grandfather’s love for babies. Gopi tells him she has transferred remaining 51% property share power of attorney in his name. Jigar says why. Gopi says she is happy to see whole family together again.

Precap: Premila tells her grahapravesh will happen by a special person and calls a lady. Lady comes wearing veil with aarti thali. Gopi removes her veil and acts as shocked.

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